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I feel somewhat confused about CoveIdentity. On the one hand, they do have a working product, a mobile application that was updated in July and downloaded 10K+ times, though most of them must have come from the paid Indian services. Nevertheless, it means that the project keeps on working on the app. On the other hand, two of the founders, Sarvprie Soni and Josh Bishop, has apparently left the project while the other, at least that’s what their professional profiles indicate. This can’t be good, so I would think twice before investing in CoveIdentity now.

Audrey   August 10, 2019  

I am definitely in strong support of the idea that provides for storing sensitive data on blockchain, but it is also super important to know who is going to handle this data, or at least who stands behind the development of a particular solution. I didn’t find any of such information on the CoveIdentity website - only some general information about the startup and a blog. They have provided a company address, but they should have considered the fact that not everyone has enough time to do the research.

Jeffrey   July 26, 2019  

Data security is definitely an acute problem of modern society - just look at the mess that Facebook made with the users’ personal data. Cove Identity, and a bunch of other blockchain projects which preach the idea of storing sensitive data on blockchain, are making steps in the right direction and provide the solutions that must be adopted by every person, who takes the security his or her data seriously. There is one problem, though, and it constitutes in the fact that Cove Identity should have established close cooperation with the government authorities and make it a core message of their marketing campaign. I mean, if can’t get the police to validate my driving license stored in their app, for instance, then it has a very limited scope of use.

Larry   July 7, 2019  

The project appears to hold great potential for the future of handling important documents. While this area has already seen many different projects that aim to do the same, most of them are either stuck or were too weak to survive the crypto winter. Meanwhile, Cove already has quite an effective team of 15 members, it has already developed and launched its product, and the investment in its token might bring major returns.

Lucy   May 22, 2019  

With the world moving towards the digital, having a capable project that would allow people to store important documents in their digital form is becoming increasingly important. Moves like this might help prevent issues like identity theft, fraud, and alike, and thanks to the blockchain, people will know that their personal information is safe and immutable at all times.

Nicola   May 8, 2019  

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Cove Identity
Cove Identity

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