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Coinxes looks to me like a hastily concocted project with no real substance behind it. Apparently, the guys from Coinxes just want to make some quick bucks by offering a simplistic solution to some inexperienced investors. The things that they present in the whitepaper could have worked back in 2012 or something, when crypto exchanges were still in the cradle, but to try and enter the market with a promise of translating the platform to 50 languages really makes a laughing stock out of Coinxes. We all know how it would be translated by Google or some incompetent freelancers. So, please, do yourselves a favor and steer clear of Coinxes.

Edgar   July 15, 2019  

Personally, I don’t buy into all that sweet talk by the Coinxes team, promising the no-fee trades and all that. How could one sustain such a complex platform only charging 1% deposit fee? This is either a hoax or one very generous and altruistic project. I don’t believe in altruism when it comes to business. Besides, I couldn’t find any concrete technical specifications with regard to the exchange architecture. No offense, but who cares if it is translated to Korean or something? I would like to know how the system works. In my opinion, Coinxes is one poorly-featured project.

Jesse   June 15, 2019  

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Coinxes: The Unique P2P Crypto Exchange Coinxes is a peer-to-peer cryptocurrency exchange founded in 2017 by two digital entrepreneurs and crypto enthusiasts from Great Britain. The primary distinguishing feature of Coinxes is that this platform affords an opportunity to exchange or purchase to...

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