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Coinstantine Reviews

Task Cracker March 17, 2020
Coinstantine will surely make life much easier for various cryptocurrency startups that conduct airdrop programs. I have been consulting several such projects and know firsthand, how much money goes down the drain in fees and associated payments when the team decides to
Coinstantine's idea is simple yet very helpful as it helps to automate the process of distribution of coins and make this entire endeavor much most cost-efficient.
Gigi Johnson November 9, 2019
On the one hand, Coinstantine offers a solution that would relieve many crypto projects of all the hassles associated with the organization of airdrops. But on the other hand, such a move could lower the interest from crypto enthusiasts towards such startups because nobody wants to pay if you could get
The people who participate in airdrops already do their fair share of marketing work. So, why would anyone want to make them pay for their efforts - that is ridiculous. The essence of an airdrop is to lower the marketing expenses and attract new "greedy" users by offering pseudo-free tokens. Coinstantine would defeat that purpose.
Ube October 18, 2019
Coinstantine definitely has a solid concept that should be in high demand among the ICO projects. It's the rule of thumb for any business, the digital ones especially, to automate as many processes as possible in order to
Coinstantine automated the process of token distribution during airdrops, which relieves startups from plenty of hassle and expenses. The platform is still raw, of course, but I am sure that they will end up being immensely popular in the blockchain community.
Gunter$hmunter August 26, 2019
The solution presented by Coinstantine would certainly be of benefit for both token issuers and participants in the airdrop programs. Of course, some very stingy users might complain about the fact that Coinstantine will literally force them to pay a fee for receiving tokens, which suppose
On the other hand, it defeats the concept of getting "free tokens" via airdrops. They should change the marketing term to super-cheap tokens or something, otherwise, it would look dumb.
Noah July 14, 2019
While the practice of forcing people, who want to get some tokens, to pay for them, even a small fee, may seem to be unfair and defeat the marketing purpose in some way, it will definitely allow projects to conduct way more airdrops, which is
Personally, I would prefer to pay a small fee for the chance of getting tokens of some decent project, instead of thinking whether it’s a scam or not. Although this concept is now new - there are at least a couple of similar ones, like Spacedrop - Coinstantine may put it into wider practice.

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