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I have read Cannacor's whitepaper and came to the conclusion that this company doesn't really need blockchain to operate. The implementation of CANO token is totally unnecessary as it will hardly add any edge to their production, marketing, or distribution. The reason is that not many crypto enthusiasts are really into medical cannabis, so they won't support this initiative massively.

Atilla   December 2, 2020  

Lately, I've been noticing more and more people advocating for the unrestricted use of medical cannabis that has proven health benefits. I see nothing wrong with that, but only on the condition that this business would be strictly regulated. It's a drug, after all, even though it is considered as a soft one. As for Cannacor, I don't see a lot of potential here, mainly because they intend to operate in a faraway jurisdiction with no clear business plan and distribution scheme.

Vincent   November 23, 2020  

Those who take interest in stocks know that cannabis is one of the hottest investments of today. However, it mostly concerns the Canadian and American companies, which operate within the legal framework of respective countries. Apparently, CannaCor is also a legal entity, but I am not sure that the registration in the Kingdom of Lesotho would help them to advance to the global level. I like the proposed method of cultivation since as it is always better to have a fully organic product, whether it is cannabis or potatoes.

Jimmy Chow   October 20, 2020  

Frankly, I don't care much if cannabis is going to be legalized or not, it's just not my cup of tea. But to be fair, I don't see any reason why people keep being so negative about it, especially after we have seen plenty of scientific proof of health benefits of medicinal cannabis. Anyway, projects like Cannacor will be gaining more traction as more and more pro-cannabis people and governments will emerge around the world. Cannacor won't become the industry leader, but it should have its share of popularity.

WorryFreeChris   November 29, 2019  

I have promised myself to support projects like Cannacor by any means possible. Like most people, I was skeptical about medical cannabis, but when my lovely nana got cancer and was forced to go through chemo, cannabis was the only thing that helped her to get through the treatment. She has beaten the cancer thanks in no small way to prescription cannabis, which reduced post-therapy nausea and improved her appetite. Grandma is fine now, and I am all for medical cannabis.

Loggggannnn   October 22, 2019  

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Cannacor Combines Blockchain and Medical Cannabis Cannacor is a project from Lesotho that tries to aid the industry of medical cannabis by fusing it with blockchain. The company has all the necessary licenses and permits from the corresponding authorities. They are now having a presale of utili...

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