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The project is a great concept as it tries to offer unique services to members of the freelancing community. It is not a project that will be particularly attractive to some industries. However, those looking to invest can benefit from the pool of percentage fees the firm would make from the portal. There is enough information about the project from the team members. With the transparency of team members, the project could be a successful one.

Ether Outlaw   January 14, 2020  

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The crypto prices are seeing recovery once again, with Bitcoin (BTC) once more crossing the $8k mark. While a number of analysts attempted to warn the investors and traders of Bitcoin's impending drop, no such development has occurred as of yet.

27 days left


SerenitySource is an Australian project that created a patented technology, which is based on the comprehensive use of blockchain and smart contracts. It allows the project to act as an energy retailer which gathers the data related to the household energy consumption.

179 days left


The blockchain projects that initiate initial coin offerings are not always about finance or sophisticated tech solutions. The scope of application of this groundbreaking technology...

29 days left

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The internet has certainly improved remote working in a lot of ways. In the US alone, freelancers make up about 30% of the entire workforce. And with the rise of remote workers, more freelance portals sprang up to link sellers and buyers together. However, most freelancers still experience difficult...

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Rating Days, left 5 27
SerenitySource 5 179
Pawtocol 4.9 29
Curate 4.9 50
AssetStream 4.9 150
Ledder 4.9 180
IdeaFex 4.9 714
UCBI Banking 4.8 28
Sportcash One 4.8 28
DIPChain 4.8 59


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Price, USD 24h 7 days
Bitcoin 9 106.140 -1.37% -0.77%
Ethereum 227.120 -1.13% -1.66%
Tether 1.000 -0.26% -0.12%
XRP 0.177 -0.07% -3.15%
Bitcoin Cash 221.770 -1.16% -3.81%
Bitcoin SV 154.580 -1.53% -8.70%
Litecoin 41.330 -0.95% -3.20%
Cardano 0.095 0.27% 17.57%
Binance Coin 15.400 -2.44% -2.17%
EOS 2.420 1.91% -1.70%