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BeatzCoin is exactly what the music and the creative industry, in general, was yearning for. Most people would agree that hardly anyone gets ripped off worse than the musicians and content creators.There are agents, music studios, and a host of other intermediaries, all of which want to have a piece of the money pie. That is a huge injustice that has to be done with. BeatzCoin will give the creators a much-needed opportunity to control their earnings and get a real appreciation from the consumers.

katamanda   September 10, 2019  

I am the type of person whom people call the music addict. I listen to it every day, all day long. So, naturally, I could have walked past the project like BeatzCoin. Let me tell you straight away that I find VibraVid to be an immensely interesting solution, first and foremost, for the music creators. I know a few musicians and they are constantly complaining about the injustice, financial mostly, that is characteristic of that industry, mostly because the music labels get to keep the majority of profits and dictate the rules. With BeatzCoin, they might get the freedom, both financial and creative, that they deserve.

Hilda   August 6, 2019  

I was a bit suspicious about this project, mainly because of the seeming lack of experience of its CEO. But then I looked at the list advisors and saw some really reputable names: Bizzare from D12, Misha Lederman, and even John McAfee. That must instill some confidence in VibraVid and their BeatzCoin. We’ll see how it plays out with this startup, but it is evident that blockchain and music are drawing closer to each other.

Jack   August 5, 2019  

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BeatzCoin: Future of Music on Blockchain Beatzcoin is an integral part of the so-called music ecosystem formed on the basis of the VibraVid platform, a product of the eponymous company that conducts its operations in Fort McMurray, Alberta, Canada. The primary objective of this startup is to ra...

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