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Since the profitability of mining is currently under question because of the temporary downfall of the cryptocurrency market, the purchase of Cube wouldn’t be relevant. Should the price of Bitcoin stay below the level of $9000, the cost-effectiveness of Azultec's Cube is doubtful. Although I think that Azultec offers a very interesting product and the overall vision of the company development. Should Bitcoin get back to the above $10K level, the Cube might appear on my shopping list.

V1ct0rY   October 11, 2019  

Azultec has an interesting physical product - the mining Cube - which appears to be a decent alternative to traditional mining rigs and ASICs. What I like most about these Cubes is that they are supposedly very quiet and don't produce plenty of heat. Seasoned miners know how incredibly annoying and problematic the usual mining equipment is in this regard. So, this is a huge selling point for Azultec. But I wonder whether these products are compatible only with project's cloud computing network (which would be a big restraint factor), or could be used elsewhere.

comfortably_rich   September 5, 2019  

Finding supplementary application for the cryptocurrency mining equipment, like Azultec and their idea of energy harvesting, means a world of good for our crypto community. Finally, we can prove to all those who are frowning upon crypto and throwing mud at miners that this activity is actually more eco-friendly and cost-efficient than their “beloved” oil production and such. As for me, I am still mining on my good old rig, but now, after finding out about Azultec and their magnificent Cube 300, I will begin saving here and there to buy this beautiful piece of equipment.

Buddy   August 2, 2019  

Given that Bitcoin is currently enjoying a moderate bull rally, the people are once again turning their attention towards mining since it is gradually restoring its profitability. Obviously, mining is not dead, it just had a time out, like the crypto industry in general, and now is getting back on the right track, thanks in no small way to the projects like Azultec. I wouldn’t want to get into the details about whether or not Cube 300 is more cost-efficient than ASIC or a mining rig, but the fact remains that this team came up with an interesting solution and they are promoting it wisely.

Angela   July 16, 2019  

Azultec is one of those rare projects which are capable of delivering a meaningful solution. A retail miner who has 7 grand to spare might benefit greatly from installing the Cube 300, that is for sure. Too bad that their token has a very limited scope of application. Otherwise, I am sure that Azultec would have gotten an even larger traction.

Viktor   July 8, 2019  

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