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The idea is a fantastic one, as the numbers of participants in the gaming industry are huge. Team members of the project have set up a good platform that will enable them to generate more awareness. From the goals set out for the project, the team members have been transparent so far. They have done well too to cover the project details on their social media platform. Overall, the project has a high chance of succeeding, based on what the team members have done to this point.

Task Cracker   November 24, 2020  

One doesn't have to be a genius in crypto analytics to understand that esports will spearhead the mass adoption of cryptocurrencies. The reason is quite simple: most gamers and developers are tech geeks, who either already own crypto or have some knowledge about it. They know the benefits of it, which means that the gaming community will accept crypto way more eagerly than, for instance, a medical of an academic one. Therefore, ALTO has a decent chance of making an impact in this space.

Pingger   April 16, 2020  

If there is a cryptocurrency for the gaming industry, count me in. I have been a devoted gamer since the age of seven and has eventually made it into a profession. Therefore, I know firsthand, how important is the blockchain technology, and all pro-gaming cryptocurrencies, for this space. Players have been longing for a solution like ALTO, so I am firmly convinced that it will get the appropriate audience in no time.

Cheeky Pie   December 6, 2019  

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