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All in all, the project seems to be not only legitimate, but also very professionally organized. It remains to be seen whether or not it will succeed, but it is certainly worth keeping an eye on.

Icy Sun   August 16, 2020  

AhrvoDEEX is the kind of company that makes a lot of promises, but nothing in particular. According to the review, people at AhrvoDEEX claim to have a state-of-the-art stock ranking system. What's fine, but what bothers me is that I have never heard of this firm, and its product before, despite being in the business for over 20 years now. If they were that hot, my research team would have had a full report on AhrvoDEEX on my table before they even announced the ICO.

Gerhard   July 10, 2020  

The project looks really promising, with a strong team and a very good vision. As mentioned, there is already a working product, which contributes to its legitimacy. Meanwhile, it also has a well-written white paper, a nicely organized website, and a lot of necessary information, which also indicates transparency.

BestNameEver   March 27, 2020  

My investment mentor taught me to never trust the companies that are registered in the offshore territories and offer some kind of sophisticated financial products. AhrvoDeex falls in that category perfectly: registered in the British Virgin Islands, this project tries to push through some ridiculous idea about tokenizing traditional equities. The regulators are rubbing their hands eagerly.

Tito Jobs   March 10, 2020  

As mentioned, the project has already entered its ICO. It originally held a preICO between July 15th and August 31st. After that, the ICO itself started. The start date was September 1st, and the end date is scheduled to be December 31st. In other words, interested investors still have over 46 days to join in on the token sale.

Ju$tinnn   September 8, 2019  

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