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Token sales are once again becoming increasingly popular, which started with the crypto price recovery earlier this year. The popular model, ICO, was believed to be extinct back in 2018, when the crypto winter made investors increasingly suspicious and unwilling to fund new tokens and coins.

The ICO trend was believed to be gone, replaced by STOs, which became popular for a while, after the regulators' crackdown on ICOs. As STOs are much closer to regulatory compliance than ICOs themselves, the regulators mostly left them alone, and investors saw an opportunity to invest in crypto without having to face regulatory issues.

However, with the arrival of 2019, another new model emerged thanks to the world's largest crypto exchange, Binance. The new model is known as IEO, or Initial Exchange Offering. It is basically an ICO, but held on an official exchange. The exchange is responsible for checking it out and securing its legitimacy, and only the exchange's registered customers can participate. The model was given life by Binance Launchpad and TRON's BitTorrent token, which was launched on January 28th. However, today, we wish to talk about another token sale that is just about to start, and that is the sale of project Zeux.

About Zeux

Zeux is a project that has a very universal goal in mind — it aims to bring crypto to your everyday life. It is a blockchain-based financial ecosystem, which is creating the world's first crypto mobile payment app. The app will use the world's first integrated crypto and fiat investment platform.

The project aims to partner with as many financial institutions in both crypto and fiat sectors, as it can. As a result, it will create a merged market, accessible through its mobile payment app, which will also contain elements of banking and investment services. The company is already FCA-regulated, and it soft-launched its product a while ago. Soon, it plans to hold an official launch of its operations in the EU, likely at some point in 2019.

It is an ambitious project, but also one that has a great potential to bring crypto closer to millions of Europeans, and help drive the crypto industry forward, towards mainstream usage.

Zeux ICO details

The first thing to note is that Zeux's token sale will actually be an IEO, as the token is being launched on LaToken Launchpad. The token itself will be a utility known as ZUC, which is going to fuel the platform, and likely the app. It already held its preICO from May 1st to May 7th of this year, and the official ICO will start in only 15 hours, from the moment of writing.

In other words, the token sale will start on June 7th, and it will end on July 5th. The token will accept Ether in return for ZUC, as it is an ERC-20 token, created on Ethereum's platform. Its price will be 0.0002 ETH per ZUC — the same as during the preICO time.

The project has set a soft cap at 5,000 ETH, and a hard cap at 10,000 ETH. It also features a bounty. It is based in the UK, with the US being the only restricted area, meaning that those located in the US will not be able to participate. Anyone else is welcome to join, provided that they go through a KYC procedure. The token sale will see 125 million units.

Author: Ali Raza for Crypto-Rating.com

  • Secure KYC Service. Retain control of your private key for your personal data vault. Open multiple financial accounts with KYC information verified on the blockchain
  • Investment Platform. Get access to multiple investment products in an aggregated platform. First investment platform offering crypto fund products
  • Mobile Payment. Pay with Apple Pay/Google Pay/Samsung Pay to spend your fiat and crypto currencies anywhere
Pre-Ico Start dateJuly 1, 2018
Pre-Ico End dateMay 7, 2019
  • Jiayi Zhou. CEO
  • Tim Mak. Head of Marketing
  • Nathan Liu. CTO
  • James Zhao. Senior Software Engineer
  • James Bearsley. Website Designer
  • Fanny Da. Project Manager
  • Bruce Xu. Senior Software Engineer
  • Danny Wang. Senior Software Engineer
  • Catherine Fellows. Business Development Analyst
  • April 2018. Alpha version completed
  • May 2018. Key payment partnership agreement signed
  • June 2018. Ten asset management partners signed
  • September 2018. FCA authorization for Investment arrangement
  • November 2018. Beta Product soft launch in UK
  • January 2019. FCA authorization for AISP, PISP
  • April 2019. Official launch in the UK with crypto payment and banking functions
  • June 2019. Complete tokenisation of all platform financial transactions. Soft launch in Europe
  • September 2019. Integration with investment providers via blockchain based KYC
  • October 2019. Official launch in UK with investment products
  • November 2019. Official launch in Europe with crypto payment and banking functions
  • March 2020. Official launch in Europe with investment products 
  • May 2020. Soft launch in US
  • July 2020. Official launch in US for crypto payment and banking . Official launch in rest of Europe with investment products
  • October 2020. Soft launch in Asia

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I wouldn’t want to appear too accusive before getting a more detailed insight into the technical aspects of Zeux’s NFC payments, which they have failed to provide in the whitepaper. However, when getting all jolly about the “secure mobile payments”, they tend to forget to mention the transaction time and the fees that users would have to pay when, for instance, buying a coffee with Bitcoin through Zeux. We all remember the times when the fees in the BTC network skyrocketed to $50 per transaction and people had to wait hours for it to go through. I am not completely sure how Zeux is going to deal with that problem.

Terry   June 29, 2019  

The project has a simple goal, but one that is quite difficult to achieve. However, it came up with a working project, a solid vision, and it has an excellent team. The idea itself is very good, and the plan to introduce an app that will allow payments in fiat or crypto is likely to attract a lot of users, including those who are willing to go crypto, but unsure whether or not they should do it. Now, they will have a safe way of trying it out, which will eventually build up greater confidence, and bring in more future traders and investors.

Cal   June 7, 2019  

The project has received excellent ratings from the community, as well, meaning that there is already a lot of support for it. As a result, it is likely to perform rather well, especially now, when the rise of altcoins is expected to come.

Peter   June 1, 2019  

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