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As advanced, modern technology - the blockchain has found almost unlimited use cases in modern-day industries. However, it is also true that the majority of them are still theoretical, due to several reasons. Whether it is because of regulatory issues or due to the short amount of time during which the world has focused on this tech — blockchain is still limited at what it can do, and it will be a while before it reaches its full potential.

Even so, that doesn't mean that the blockchain has no use cases at all — far from it. It is revolutionizing the financial industry by delivering cryptocurrency, as well as the gaming industry by allowing microtransactions. Numerous other industries are implementing it as well, in their own way, and it has already brought a lot of advancements from a technological standpoint.

Another of its use cases with huge potential is the ability to connect businesses with clients, other businesses, partners, and alike. This is something that can be very useful for improving service, relationship with the clients, and more. It is also something that a project called ZAZA is has been working for.

About ZAZA

ZAZA is a decentralized B2B network and business platform that brings innovation, and that is based on blockchain technology. Its goal is to allow various firms to improve their service and business activity, in general, as well as to allow them to reach greater levels of transparency.

It acts as a trusted, global B2B market-network, and it makes it easier for great deals to approach businesses. It allows companies to find clients with ease, and it delivers secure trading, improved business activity, and it saves effort, money, and time.

The project aims to help companies with achieving their business goals by creating valuable, reliable, and fully-decentralized B2B connections. It features a deal generator — a mechanism used for demands and inquiries that businesses have; a marketplace, which allows users to promote products and services online; and a B2B network, which will provide trustworthy connections.

Naturally, like all similar projects, ZAZA will also need its own token that would power its platform.

ZAZA ICO details

When it comes to ZAZA's ICO, the project has announced it, as well as a fair amount of detail about it. However, the one thing still lacking is the date when the token sale would start and end. Apart from that, a lot of things are known, including the fact that its token will also be known as ZAZA, and that it is a utility token, developed on Ethereum's network.

Its price during both, preICO and ICO will be the same — $0.07 per 1 ZAZA. However, the project will have a minimum investment of 1,000 ZAZA, which anyone interested in participating should keep in mind. The project has announced its hard cap at $30 million, although not the soft cap.

ZAZA can be purchased in exchange for BTC, ETH, and BCH. The project itself features a bonus, a bounty, and an MVP, while it was registered in the UAE. It also has four restricted areas, including the US, South Korea, China, and Singapore. Others are free to participate, provided that they go through KYC and Whitelist procedures.

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StartSeptember 2, 2019
EndOctober 31, 2019

I couldn't find any information about the Zaza team anywhere - the project's official website is inaccessible while other online resources don't provide a single bit of useful information. Needless to say that this is the red flag the size of Texas. Update: I did manage to find the founder of Zaza, her name is Zhazira Lepess, she is supposedly a digital entrepreneur who resides in Dubai. But why do I have to put so much effort into discovering such elementary info?

Moi$he   October 21, 2019  

From all we have seen so far, it is quite clear that ZAZA is a serious project with a serious team, and a great vision that will improve the future of business. Of course, there is a lot of competition out there, meaning that ZAZA will need flawless execution in order to stand out. However, the project is simple in concept, and there is a massive market opportunity out there, which could play well in its favor. There are no obvious red flags regarding this project, although anyone interested in investing should still carefully study it before making the final decision or acting once the ICO starts.

gan$   September 24, 2019  

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