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Younited – ICO Detailed Information

ICO Younited
Since they originally appeared almost 11 years ago, cryptocurrencies have been promising a change that would make the world a better place for everyone. They offer a number of benefits over traditional finances, including lower transaction fees, decentralization, as well as the ability to reach everyone, whether or not they have access to the bank.
Start February 24, 2019
End September 24, 2019
Rating 3.9
Categories Gambling
Whitepaper No

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Younited Overview

ICO description, Technical Details and Documents

For years after Bitcoin's initial release, cryptocurrencies had no use cases but trading and investing. Even trading itself took a few years before altcoins truly started to emerge, and traders started receiving different options instead of simply buying BTC and selling it at a later date.

Things started to change once again after Ethereum had emerged and shifted the attention towards blockchain technology. This was when decentralized applications started to emerge and allow people greater interaction with the crypto/blockchain industry.

In the last 10 years, the number of altcoins has climbed all the way up to the current 2,870 coins, with new ones still emerging. However, thanks to development platforms such as Ethereum, EOS, TRON, and many others — the number of dApps is much higher than that.

Of course, not a single one has yet gone viral, as the crypto trend is still not big enough on the worldwide scale. Meanwhile, a large portion of dApps focuses on gambling, betting, and gaming. One thing that they all have in common with one another, as well as with traditional forms of gaming, betting, and gambling in general, is the presence of the "house." In other words, the casino, which takes a significant portion of the earnings for itself. Since many still consider this to be a centralized element of the gambling industry, one project decided to remove it completely and bring a truly fair, decentralized online betting and gaming, and its name is YOUnited.

About YOUnited

YOUnited claims to be the first truly decentralized, fair, and social online gaming and betting platform, which stands out thanks to the fact that it will have no house interactions. The project's goal is to allow its platform's users to bet without the casino's involvement and to hopefully start a trend that will eliminate it from the industry completely.

This would lead to the introduction of a real player vs. player experience, and all winnings would be distributed among the participants. The project has developed its own, native UNTD blockchain technology, which a fair and auditable algorithm.

It will also offer secure, fast transaction, as well as increased ease-of-use, which would allow anyone to quickly and easily find their way around the platform. The project aims to offer a number of different games, such as sports betting, lotteries, casino games, quick skill games, and more.

In other words, the project could revolutionize the gambling industry and make it much more attractive to those interested in such activities. All that it needs is its native cryptocurrency which would power the platform.

YOUnited ICO details

YOUnited ICO is already on-going, and it has been for some time. In fact, the token sale will be ending in only a few days. The ICO started on February 24th of this year, and it will end in about six days, on September 24th.

The project's token is known as UNTD, and it is a utility developed on a platform called Graphene. The project is offering a working MVP, and it also features a bonus. Meanwhile, the token's price is $0.01 per 1 UNTD.

Interested investors can obtain the token in exchange for Bitcoin, Ethereum or Litecoin, and the minimum investment is only $200. Meanwhile, the project has set up its soft cap at $2.4 million, while its hard cap sits at $9.7 million.

The project was registered in Singapore, and the only two restricted areas include the US and North Korea. Others can join after going through KYC and Whitelist procedures.

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Younited Milestones

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