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Wireless Racer Merges Robotics Cars & Blockchain

Wireless Racer is a British blockchain/gaming project, the members of which are poised to bring the gaming experience to the whole new level by empowering players to exert control over a physical gaming unit.

It is apparent from the project’s name that it specializes in developing the remotely controlled racing car models and creating the appropriate conditions for the competition conduction. The uniqueness of Wireless Racer lies in the fact that it has effectually conjoined the blockchain technology, the roboticized racing car models, and the concept of online/real-life gaming experience exercised through the innovative software and seamless data connection. The realization of this idea is fueled by the sale of the ERC-20 token WIRA, the value of which is claimed to be pegged to the US dollar thus making it a stablecoin.

The concept and technical setup

In a nutshell, Wireless Racer elaborated the technical feasibility of controlling the small car model through a smart device, for example, personal computer, smartphone or tablet. Each car is subject to participation in the races that take place within the framework of the WiiRa World Racing Championship.

Wireless Racer employes the following technical solutions: the dedicated server that receives commands directly from the user’s controller - a keyboard, a joystick, or a smartphone touchpad - and transmits them to the wireless receiver installed in the car which is subsequently transferred to a microprocessor that ultimately controls the car. The player can see the path in front of the car, as well as the situation that unfolds on the entire track, through the set of video cameras installed on the mini-vehicle and along the perimeter of the track.

Basically, Wireless Racer is similar in its concept to the radio-controlled car racing, which, by the way, is immensely popular in the United Kingdom, with the only major difference being that the cars are manipulated by virtue of wireless Internet connection which allows for this sport to be taken to the global audience.

The use of blockchain

Wireless Racer will utilize blockchain to ensure that all races are carried out in a transparent and scrupulous fashion that excludes that possibility of cheating or otherwise tampering with the game flow or the results of the races. The use of the Ethereum blockchain permits the incorporation of smart contracts into all stages of competition from recording timestamps to calculating and transferring the winnings to the player's digital wallet.

WIRA token and its use

WIRA is the primary game currency that will be used for all operations within the network, which includes rewarding players for winning a race or a tournament. Players, on their part, could purchase new cars, or upgrade and restyle the ones they already own, make donations or contribute to the prize pool by means of the same token.

ICO details

The ICO of Wireless Racer is now live with the fundraising goal established at $20 million. These funds will be used to purchase a warehouse and set up at least 20 racing tracks. The price of 1 WIRA token is $0.2 with the minimum purchase limit being set at 100 WIRA. 122.5 million tokens were allocated for sale. The ICO ends on July 1.

Author: Alex Paulson for Crypto-Rating.com

Pre-Ico Start dateMay 1, 2019
Pre-Ico End dateMay 14, 2019

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Wireless Racer
StartMay 15, 2019
EndJuly 1, 2019
Soft cap$2 000 000
Hard cap$20 000 000

I think Wireless Racer is a great project. Although I am a grown man, I like playing video games just to relax and clear my head after a day at the office. This project offers just the right degree of fun and human involvement, needed to enjoy an evening of gaming. Wireless Racer appears to me like a game from the 90s, towards which I have deep sentiment, endowed with a great technological solution that is blockchain. Did I mention that I have already bought me some WIRA coins?

Dexter   June 20, 2019  

I find the concept of Wireless Racer both silly and amusing. No offense, but how many people in the world would want to race with a toy car when there are tons of mind-blowing video games about car racing? I think, not that many. But it still carries a certain degree of fun, like a Candy Crush, but not too much substance. I would buy some WIRA tokens just to fool around with these blockchain-connected models, but definitely won’t make a serious investment of this project.

Robert   June 14, 2019  

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