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WinMiner - ICO Review

The mining process is crucial for obtaining and distributing digital currencies. It is the driving force of old, as well as new blockchains. Further, it is one of the easiest ways of obtaining digital currencies. Of course, old school mining is not an easy nor cheap task. Apart from requiring massive amounts of resources, such as electricity, it also requires a lot of computing power.

This is why mining gear was invented, as it gives miners an edge and helps them get to the block first, beating the competition. However, mining gear itself is quite pricey, and it can cost thousands of dollars. This is why alternative methods of mining are constantly being invented, as they allow a greater number of miners to participate, since not a lot of people have the funds to obtain expensive gear and join in on the process.

WinMiner is one such project, which aims to help users join mining and mine the most profitable coins easily and without a major amount of money necessary to start off.

About WinMiner

WinMiner is a platform that aims to allow users to monetize their unused computing power by mining the most profitable cryptocurrencies. All it takes is a single click, and the process will commence. Meanwhile, all the earnings withdrawals are available from a wide list of payout methods. This can include anything, from withdrawing actual cryptocurrencies, to getting gift cards for Amazon.

The Hash Power marketplace and 'beyond mining' computer resource marketplace will allow highest income, at the lowest amount of effort. In the end, the company hopes to safeguard the decentralization of the mining process and at the same time, make mining and cryptos closer to the public that is still hesitant when it comes to adopting crypto.

To kick it all off, the WinMiner developed its own cryptocurrency, WinMiner Token, which reduces fees and fuels the platform.

WinMiner ICO details

As mentioned, the project's token is known as The WinMiner Token, which is not the most inspired of names, but the name does not matter, as long as the token has an actual use.

It is a utility token developed on AION platform, which makes it an ASC type token. Despite the fact that the ICO has ended, the amount raised is currently not known. What is known is that the project offered 5 billion units for sale and that the project's ICO price was $0.01 per token. The ICO actually took place back in 2018, from October 9th to December 31st, which was arguably one of the worst periods to hold a token sale.

It was way past the ICO hype and still came before the ICO's return, which likely means that it was not as successful as the team had hoped it might be.

The project is registered in the UK, and it had several restricted areas, including Syria, China, Iran, South Korea, and Lebanon. Everyone else was allowed to participate, provided that they went through Whitelist and KYC procedures.

Author: Ali Raza for Crypto-Rating.com

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StartOctober 9, 2018
EndDecember 31, 2018

As mentioned, the project did not receive that much hype, and likely also a success, for several reasons, with the timing of the token sale likely being among the most damning ones. It received a bad rating, even though the idea and vision were quite crypto-friendly. Still, considering that this was a period when mining was experiencing difficulties of its own, and many miners abandoned it at the time, it was definitely not the best period for a project like this.

Paul   June 20, 2019  

The project does seem to have a decent team, but only two advisors. However, it is missing a white paper, which was likely a huge red flag for many, and it may explain why the project did not receive more popularity.

Jerry   June 2, 2019  

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