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The introduction of blockchain technology brought a lot of potential for numerous industries to change. Whether they would make their practices more secure, faster, and more effective, or completely revolutionize the way they do things, the blockchain is the key for the next step in our technological evolution.

However, blockchain's features, such as immutability, high security, immunity against hacking attacks, and alike, makes it perfect for other uses as well. Blockchain is, generally, found to be useful wherever there is a need for a secure way to store high quantities of information and data. This is why many believe that one of its major use cases might be the revolution of voting systems.

Numerous voting incidents around the world have shown that there is a need for them to change, to become more secure. But, at the same time, why not make them more effective and easier to perform, as well? This is where a project known as Votem enters the picture.

About Votem

Votem is a project founded back in 2014. Its goal is, and has always been, to completely revolutionize the change people vote. It also believes that the key to that is to move to mobile voting, which can and will create a positive change in the world by making the voting process more modern.

Since this was also the period when blockchain technology was starting to attract interest, the project created its mobile voting platform on top of the blockchain, thus creating the largest digital voting platform to date. With it, it will enable citizens, organizations, as well as governments around the world to either participate in voting, or manage it themselves.

They would also receive the highest levels of security, verifiability, accessibility, and transparency.  It can be used in private and public-sector elections alike. Meanwhile, major elections, which are heavily regulated, complex, and consequential end up facing many challenges, and even blockchain cannot solve them all. If it could, it would be the perfect use case for voting, and voting online would already be standardized.

But, voting is still a $10 billion-large market, and it represents an opportunity that should not be passed. This is why Votem attempts to conquer it, but first, it will need its token, VAST.

Votem ICO details

Votem has yet to hold its ICO, although its date has yet to be announced. It should be noted that this will not be a real ICO, but rather an STO, as the VAST token is registered as a security. It was created on Ethereum's platform, and it will only accept ETH coins in exchange for VAST. Each token's price will be $0.5, with the minimum investment being $10,000.

The project offers a bonus, as well as a bounty, and it was registered in the US. It also has several restricted areas, including Russia, China, Sudan, Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Syria, and the Crimea region of Ukraine. The restriction will also include any country where ICO investments are against the law. Anyone else can participate, as long as they go through Whitelist and KYC procedures.

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StartJuly 1, 2019
EndSeptember 30, 2019

Affording people an opportunity to vote by virtue of blockchain is a splendid idea, in theory, but as things currently stand, this scheme is still more of a utopian kind. It is a well-known secret that elections in practically every country of the world, even in the United States, the "bastion" of democracy, are being rigged in someone's interest. Therefore, I can only imagine a bureaucratic thunderstorm that would erupt at even the slightest possibility of transitioning the election process to the blockchain. Therefore, the idea offered by Votem isn't likely to get vast support from the governments.

next-time   August 26, 2019  

I was pleasantly surprised to see that Votem had already gave their app a trial run during the elections in several states in the U.S. That is a major boost for the reputation of this project. It is my firm belief that all votes, and especially political elections, must be conducted through the use of blockchain. That would eliminate even the slightest possibility of rigging the elections. Also, I am impressed by their list of affiliates and partners. Landing the Chamber of Digital Commerce as a partner is a big thing for a fledgling startup. I think Votem has a bright future ahead of it.

Eric   July 28, 2019  

The project has a good team, and apparently, even more advisors than team members. It also offers a great vision, and proper use of blockchain technology to further advance a very important aspect of the world.

Ann   July 14, 2019  

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