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Blockchain technology's many uses continue to surprise and impress, as the tech that was once thought to only be a supporting technology for cryptocurrencies, now continues to change the world. Its many emerging use cases have already touched almost every industry, at least in theory. New, better thought-out, and more advanced use cases continue to come up, and even seriously threaten to solve some of the world's most serious issues.

Let's take the mobility service industry as an example. Traffic is getting worse and worse by the year. There are now more cars than ever. They damage the environment, affect the efficiency of the entire idea of owning and driving the car, and provide a stressful and unpleasant experience for most travelers.

All of this can be resolved by ride-sharing, improved public transport, and alike. With blockchain technology at hand, all of this can be properly organized, apps that offer mobility services can be developed, and the quality of life and traffic would improve, not to mention the user experience.

Of course, there are several projects working on achieving something like that, but today — we are interested in VMC.AI.

About VMC.AI

VMC.AI is a blockchain-based open mobility platform. It was created to act as a host for many different mobility service providers, and hold them all in a single digital space. When completed, the platform will act as a one-stop-shop decentralized solution for the mobility market, currently worth over $1 trillion.

As indicated, it would allow developers and mobility service providers to create special dApps that would offer services like those mentioned before. This would include ride-sharing, vehicle sharing, public transport, and alike. It would also lead to the removal of fragmentation and clutter from the industry, simply by integrating the services of numerous mobility companies, automatizing management, streamlining administration, as well as providing easy access to the stakeholders.

The change would also lead to further improvements, such as the creation of smart cities, and better efficiency of the transport systems. Not to mention easier and improved planning of routes. Meanwhile, travelers would have a seamless experience, and they would only ever need to use a single dApp to reach any mobility provider.

The platform only needs one more ingredient, which is its own cryptocurrency that would fuel the entire system.

VMC.AI ICO details

In order for the platform to run properly, it will require its own token, and the project came up with VMC. This is a utility token that was developed on Stellar's platform — one of the fastest ones in the crypto industry. While the time and date of the ICO are not known at the moment, pretty much everything in regards to the token and the token sale is.

VMC price will be 0.14 EUR per 1 VMC, and the minimum investment will be 50,000 EUR. The project's soft cap is at 1 million EUR, while the hard cap sits at 5 million EUR. Investors will be able to purchase VMC in exchange for several assets, including BTC, ETH, EU, and XLM.

The project is registered in the Netherlands, it features a bonus, and it has three restricted areas — the US, Singapore, and China. Everyone else is welcome, after the obligatory KYC and Whitelist procedures.

Author: Ali Raza for Crypto-Rating.com

Pre-Ico End dateAugust 30, 2019

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StartJuly 3, 2019
EndSeptember 27, 2019

VMC definitely came up with a very useful solution to a problem that would become more nagging with every passing year. Being an inhabitant of a big city, I understand better than anyone, how the issue of hampered mobility affects our productiveness, and even the pace at which one can develop his business. Therefore, VMC has put a good idea on the table, but I am not sure that they will be capable of following through with it, simply because VMC won't get enough funding.

RodRick   September 18, 2019  

All those buzzwords about revolutionizing the transportation industry and significantly improving urban mobility sound very appealing to the ear, but I am a pragmatic person. Therefore, instead of keep perusing through the VMC whitepaper, I went straight to Google Market, as soon as I saw that the project has a working product. What I saw there didn't produce a positive impression on me. The app was last updated more than 8 months ago and has a bit more than 100 downloads. That is a pathetic performance for a project that declares such big ambitions.

William   August 10, 2019  

The project is certainly a very exciting one, although many feel like it might be a bit too ambitious. However, there is nothing wrong with aiming big, as long as they have a good enough business plan to achieve their goals. The project also has a strong team, as well as a number of great advisors. Their plan of action is solid, and their vision could actually impact the world in a very positive way. This will certainly be a project worth keeping an eye on. Meanwhile, everyone willing to invest in it should study it carefuly before doing so, provided that the time and date of the ICO are announced anytime soon.

Collin   July 30, 2019  

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