Vivid (Vivid) Review

The crypto market is exploding again, and while there is currently less hype than it was back in 2017, the cryptocurrency space is still growing at a major rate. Every day, more and more investors and traders enter the space, hoping to invest in the next big hit crypto, and make considerable earnings.

With so many new investors, many might need help with organizing their portfolio and managing their coins. Not to mention the constant need for market analysis and coin tracking, which can be incredibly beneficial when it comes to choosing a coin to invest in. Traders also need to know how the prices and the market sentiment are moving, so that they can make calculated decisions and make the best of it.

With all of that in mind, there is quite a large demand for apps that can provide this insight. They are not only useful to newcomers, but also experienced traders and investors, as such apps make it easier for them to make profits. This is why many products that track the market and allow coin holders to manage their portfolios, with Vivid being one of them.

About Vivid

Vivid is a project that offers a mobile AR app that tracks coins, analyzes the market, and allows crypto users to manage their portfolio. The app comes with numerous features, including a 3D mode, social sharing, and modular indicators. Further, it delivers insight and experiences, in addition to bringing an advantage over most other apps that offer unreliable uptime, too complex design, or lack some of the necessary analysis tools.

Even so, the app is only a flagship product of the company, and beneath it, there is a unified advertising, publishing, and social platform. Vivid has created an entire ecosystem that fosters a community and content creators to earn rewards for sharing insight, tech analysis, and valuable market opinions.

The project will also hold its token sale at some point in the future, offering its native coin, which is what we are interested in today.

Vivid ICO details

Vivid has not published the time and date of its ICO at this time, but there are still multiple details that are already known, and which interested investors might want to know beforehand. For example, its token will be known as VIVID, and it is a utility developed on Ethereum network. This makes it yet another ERC-20 token, with a price of 0.0001 ETH per token.

The project offers a bonus and a bounty, and it will accept ETH in exchange for its tokens. The team has not revealed the soft cap, but the hard cap will be at 9.950 ETH. The project itself was registered in Singapore, and it only has a single restricted area, which is the US. Everyone else can participate if they go through Whitelisting and the KYC procedure. Finally, it is also known that the number of tokens for sale will be 106.7 million.

Author: Ali Raza for

StartJune 1, 2019
EndSeptember 30, 2019
68 days left

Personally, I don’t see how Vivid is different from any other crypto application. It has all the basic features and nothing unique, really - just a combination of Coinmarketcap application and Twitter in its primitive form. That’s what I’ve learned about the project by reading the review. I can’t offer you any further opinion on Vivid because of being unable to access the website to read the additional info. So far, Vivid is placed in the category of projects which gets forgotten the next day after you read its whitepaper.

Gabriel   July 22, 2019  

Couldn’t access the website, so I had to rely on the info provided in various reviews. To be frank, the idea that Vivid tries to push forward is confusing and unsubstantiated by any viable products. The project members didn’t pass KYC. So, to cut it short, I think that Vivid severely lacks credibility.

Floyd   July 5, 2019  

The AR for crypto portfolio might sound like an interesting idea but I doubt it will find any practical use and wide acceptance. Not to mention that the field of competitors is overly crowded right now, with literally dozens of lookalike projects that promote a similar range of services. Besides, Vivid doesn’t provide for an interactive live demo, trying to foist a video demo as if it’s a viable product. The team doesn’t have a single advisor while other members didn’t pass KYC. Vivid might catch up on these issues as the work progresses, but I wouldn’t invest in this project in its current state.

Colin   June 23, 2019  

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