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Network marketing has been a surging industry ever since the internet itself came to be. With billions of people connected, there is no better way to bring exposure to a product than to use the world wide web.

Naturally, just like the internet itself, network marketing continues to evolve, and it looks a lot different today than it did back in the day when it first started spreading. However, with the development of new technologies — new opportunities open up.

Once the social networks emerged and became a hit, producers were forced to start paying large fees in order for their ads to gain better exposure and achieve a greater impact. However, the constant ad bombardment caused internet users to ignore or even completely block ads with ad-blocks. In the end, companies that wish to advertise their products are losing money, while intermediaries — websites and social networks — are gaining it at a rapid pace. Meanwhile, the users do not even see the ads, or if they do, they ignore them.

The situation was getting more and more desperate for everyone but the intermediaries until blockchain technology emerged and provided a solution. One of the projects that aim to use it and deliver this solution is Upline.

About Upline

Upline is a simplified and duplicable blockchain-based solution for network marketing. As mentioned, this is a colossal industry with annual revenue of over $200 billion. It already has more than 100 million people involved, with another million joining every year, according to rough estimations.

Even so, it is believed that up to 95% of participants never reach the desired results. Clearly, things are not working out as they are now, which is why a change is needed, and Upline aims to deliver it.

The project decided to combine all the work processes in network marketing into a single online tool. That tool now serves as the heart of its entire ecosystem, which was carefully designed around it. The project can meet the need of network marketing firms, as well as network marketers themselves. That way, everyone can achieve success in a rapidly evolving, interconnected world. The change is necessary, as our online lives advance just as quickly as the internet evolution, and those who fail to adapt quickly get left behind.

As usual with blockchain-based projects, Upline also requires its own token in order for its solution to properly function, which is why it came up with UPL.

Upline ICO details

Upline's UPL token was created on Ethereum's network, and it is not a utility, but rather — a security. In essence, this makes it a more secure investment opportunity, as the investors do not need to worry about regulations, as security tokens already have proper guidelines — the same ones as other security assets.

Upline has announced that it will hold an ICO, or rather — an STO — but the time and date of the token sale are not yet known. What is known is that 1 UPL will have the price of 0.1 EUR, and that it can be obtained in exchange for fiat currencies, Bitcoin, Ethereum, or Litecoin. The project announced a bonus, and it set up a soft cap at 300,000 EUR, while its hard cap sits at 14 million EUR.

The project was registered in Estonia, with the US being the only restricted area. Anyone else can participate after going through the KYC procedure.

Author: Ali Raza for Crypto-Rating.com

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StartJuly 1, 2019
EndSeptember 30, 2019

It seems weird, but I couldn't find any comprehensible information about the key team members of Upline. The LinkedIn profile of its founder, Mihail Polonski, is unavailable while the profile of Upline's CEO Jaan Rammul doesn't mention this project at all. As for the concept behind Upline, I find it difficult to figure out how blockchain could benefit the network marketing - and I couldn't get more insight into that matter due to the inaccessibility of project's website.

boiling_kettle   August 26, 2019  

I got a grasp of the overall concept of Upline, but would need to see the full scope of information before even beginning to consider this as an investment opportunity. Online marketing is a big industry now, and we have projects coming from left and right that promise to deliver some disruptive products. In reality, most of them are flops, so I have learned the hard way not to believe in grand promises, but to judge the project by its product. So far, I haven’t had a chance to acquaint myself with the one that Upline offers, so I am still undecided.

Sophie   July 28, 2019  

Upline's idea is not exactly unique and revolutionary, but newer projects often tend to provide a better solution than those who came before them. So far, the project's white paper is not available, although this could be due to editing and perfecting the pitch. The project has a very strong team with a lot of experience in marketing, design, IT, and more, as well as a group of great advisors, which will surely help Upline grow.

Ken   July 18, 2019  

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