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Cryptocurrencies are once again seeing positive development in 2019, at least when compared to the situation from last year. The first few months of 2019 brought the end to price drops, and the last few months of the first half of the year even brought a series of price surges, which led the price of various coins to prices that were previously not seen in over 12 months.

While the months between then and now mostly brought stagnation, the number of traders and investors in the crypto industry continues to grow. New coin holders and crypto users are emerging all over the world. Some see them as a necessity, and use them in order to combat the existing economic problems.

Others are more interested in the possibility of making a profit, so they participate in activities like trading, margin trading, and alike. Many are only interested in learning about crypto, and trying out the new technology. Regardless of their reasons, the crypto space is being filled with these new investors, and they need to learn about the space and find a place to reach cryptocurrencies easily.

Many believe that interacting with digital currencies is still a lot more complicated than it needs to be, which is why projects such as TradeBit aim to simplify things for newcomers.

About TradeBit

TradeBit claims to be the project that shares Satoshi Nakamoto's original vision — that of the world where the centralized banking system is removed, and institutions can no longer steal from people by introducing extremely high fees, taxes, and alike. It is important to them that people understand that they do not aim to promise a new Bitcoin, like hundreds of other projects did.

Instead, they wish to help people reach Bitcoin, by using advanced technology in a simple way, resulting in the creation of a simple-to-use platform that would allow people to do pretty much anything with cryptocurrency. Whether it is trading, investing, buying, selling, managing coins, diversifying portfolios, or anything else crypto-related — their platform aims to offer it, and make it easy to do.

Their plans also include mobile applications for Android and iOS, as a lot of people are constantly on the go, and they need a way to react to price changes and new opportunities quickly. The project does have its own coin, naturally, which can be used on their platform.

Tradebit ICO details

Tradebit ICO already took place, and the coins were distributed back in early 2018, just as the bear market started to take off last year. The project had its preICO period from January 18th, 2018, until February 7th — lasting less than a month.

As for the ICO itself, it started three weeks after that, on February 28th, and it ended on March 20th, 2018. The project's token, named TBT, is a utility token that was developed on Ethereum's network, which makes it another ERC-20 token. Its ICO price was $0.0045 per coin.

Despite the fact that it has been more than a year and a half since the ICO took place, it remains unknown how much the project managed to raise, as they did not release this information. In fact, not much else is known, only that the project was registered in Bulgaria, and that interested participants had to go through KYC and Whitelist procedures in order to join the ICO.

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The project also has a rather small team, and no reported advisors. Not only that, but their roadmap seems to end with Q3 2019. A lot of information seems to be missing, and it might be that this project was among those which did not survive last year's crypto winter.

Wink   October 31, 2018  

The project has a good vision, but it is hardly original. There are many others like this one out there, meaning that it might take a long while for it to beat the competition. The project also held its ICO in an unfortunate time, right as the regulators cracked down on token sales, and crypto prices started to drop.

Sam   September 18, 2018  

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