TecraCoin (TecraCoin) Review

Tecra is the name of a Polish project that had elaborated a blockchain platform aimed at raising capital for the purpose of commercializing the cutting-edge technological products...

TecraCoin: Financing the Future of Science

Tecra is the name of a Polish project that had elaborated a blockchain platform aimed at raising capital for the purpose of commercializing the cutting-edge technological products with the special emphasis being put on graphene.

 Naturally, any such project must have a native token which must serve as a primary mean for attracting and distributing funds. Tecra introduces TecraCoin (TRC), a minable token that operates on the Proof-of-Work algorithm and possesses such features as zerocion and masternodes.

The problems and the solutions

The core of Tecra’s pool of participants will consist of three groups, namely the scientists, the investors, and the global blockchain community. All these groups face specific problems that the Tecra team promises to address.

For instance, even the most prominent scientists find it difficult to attract funds and obtain patents on their inventions. Not to mention the bureaucratic hurdles which they have to endure in order to bring the findings into the limelight.

As for the investors, they too have to face different legislative obstacles as well as uncertainties with regard to the novel technologies. The crypto community, on its part, doesn’t have access to the real world economy and often uses the cryptocurrencies which are backed by nothing more than vague promises.   

The project offers a commercialization platform, the transparency and integrity of which are guaranteed by the use of Tecra blockchain and TecraCoin. All operations on the platform are supervised by Tecra’s own legal team to ensure their congruence with the law. Tecra will procure the obtainment of adequate funding by the scientists to produce tech products applicable in the real world; the investors will be given the first-hand access to the prospective high-end innovations; the members of the blockchain community will be granted an opportunity to mine one of the few POW-based cryptocurrencies backed by real assets, for instance, graphene. All of these activities will be centered around TecraCoin, which should execute the function of an investment and a reward instrument.

The use of graphene

Graphene is an allotrope of carbon that is said to possess properties which are vastly superior to any known material. For example, graphene is 100-fold more durable than steel and has great electrical and heat conductivity. Top it all off, graphene is nearly transparent making it suitable even for the production of contact lenses.

Tecra partnered with the Institute of Low Temperature and Structure Research, located in Wroclaw, Poland, to acquire the patent for producing graphene-based commodities, such as filters, tires, greases, etc. The company, through the efforts of the Tecra Science team, has already created a working prototype - the high power lighting and white light devices that utilize the graphene foam.

ICO details

Basically, there are two use patterns for TecraCoin. The first one stipulates the purchase of TRC for investment needs. In that case, the price of one token is established at $2. The second one is designed for boosting the ownership stake by running the masternodes, which translates into a lower token price - $1.75 a piece with 10 thousand tokens being the minimum investment threshold. There are no mentioned restrictions with regard to participation in the token sale. The ICO will last until July 31.

Author: Alex Paulson for Crypto-Rating.com
Industry Mining
Start:January 17, 2019
End:July 31, 2019
69 days left
Soft cap:n/a
Hard cap:n/a
Minimum investment:n/a
Tokens for sale:n/a
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