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SwissRealCoin is an innovative technology uniting real estate investing and blockchain created by a team of experts in real estate industry. SwissRealCoin originates from Switzerland and was started in 2018. SwissRealCoin offers token holders a portfolio of Commercial Real Estate located in Switzerland to invest in. The idea of the ICO is automatization of real estate asset management with the usage of innovative blockchain technologies. One of the core advantages of the SRC project is the fact that Swiss real estate market is one of the most solid markets throughout the world over the past ten years and SwissRealCoin is the first crypto token in real estate section of financial market. Real estate market is one of the largest markets, but efficient automated solutions are not present in the industry. SwissRealCoin is mentioned to fill that gap.

SwissRealCoin token is to be traded on licensed exchanges for daily liquidity. Besides, token holders will be able to vote for a portfolio liquidation. SwissRealCoin software, which is Management and Investment Assistant (MIA), creates new standards in automated real estate asset management. The good thing about the token is that SRC token is compliant with local regulations. Inner value and sustainable growth of SwissRealCoin tokens are to protect the downside. To ensure the inner value of the token 80% of the net rental income will be reinvested. SwissRealCoin ensures stability in the sense of downside protection as long as the project will grounded on the Swiss stable economic and financial environment.



  • Swiss Real Estate. The SRC value is linked to a portfolio of Swiss commercial real estate. Swiss real estate has been one of the most stable real estate markets in the world over the past decade.
  • Liquidity. SRC tokens will be traded on licensed exchanges for daily liquidity. Additionally all token-holders have the right to participate in a portfolio liquidation vote.
  • Ever Growing Value. The portfolio value grows constantly through reinvestments of the net rental income and IP licensing proceeds.
  • Disruption. The blockchain software MIA will set new standards for automated real estate asset management through digitised property data and voting rights for token holders.
  • Integrity. SwissRealCoin is a project led by a team of Swiss industry experts and compliant with local regulations.

Founded: 2018, Switzerland

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Conversion Block

  • ​Token SRC Token
  • Price 1 SRC Token = 1 CHF
  • Bonus Available
  • Bounty Available
  • Platform Ethereum
  • Accepting ETH
  • Soft cap 30000000 CHF
  • Hard cap 160500000 SRC Token
  • Country Switzerland
  • Whitelist/KYC KYC & Whitelist

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Technical details

  • STO Start Q4 2018
  • Reservation Phase Live
  • Price per token at STO CHF 1 or equivalent in BTC/ETH
  • Payment Options Bitcoin, Ethereum, FIAT
  • HardCap CHF 150,000,000
  • SoftCap CHF 30,000,000
  • SRC available during the official STO period 150,000,000
  • Maximum number of SRC that will be issued 160,500,000 (first round)


  • Q2 17 Concept.
  • Q3 17 Team.
  • Q4 17 Business plan, Legal.
  • 19 Jan 2018 Public Announcement & Registration Phase.
  • 1 March 2018 CHRC Reservation Phase.
  • March 2018 Start Roadshow.
  • 23 May 2018 Start ICO.
  • June 2018 Start IP Development & Sourcing & Acquisition RE.
  • Oct 2018 Dashboard Live.
  • 2019 German Commercial Real Estate.
  • 2020 European Real Estate.
  • 2021 UK, Japan, Russia, South Korea.
  • 2022 Middle East Real Estate.
  • 2023 Brasil, China, Venezuela.
  • 2024 Global Real Estate (+ US, CAN).


  • Brigitte Luginbühl CEO & Head Real Estate
  • Yauhen Yakimovich CTO & Head Blockchain and PropTech
  • Sarah Jordi CMO & Head PR, Communication & Marketing
  • Andrea Stöhr CLO & Head Legal
  • Yannick Gutierrez Digital Marketing & Social Media Manager
  • David Haab Analyst
  • Nadia Diemers Sales & Operating Manager
  • Marc Hautle Sales Coordinator
  • Tobias Koch Investor Relations Manager
  • Isabel Heitmeyer Event Manager
  • Kim Vogel Marketing Coordinator
  • Thorsten Hens Member of the Board Crypto Real Estate AG
  • Christoph Caviezel Member of the Board of Crypto Real Estate AG
  • Tobias Reichmuth Member of the Board of Crypto Real Estate AG
  • Patrick Adenauer Member of the Real Estate Expert Committee
  • Christoph Caviezel Member of the Board, Crypto Real Estate Ltd
  • Alexander Reichhuber Member of the Board of Crypto Real Estate AG

User review

On the one hand, SRC provides stability in the sense of downside protection and intact upside potential. Due to the link to the real estate values, the SRC has an inner value which acts as a lower bound of the market price, if the price is below portfolio value the token holders would vote to liquidate. On the other hand rental income and licensing lead to a steady growth of the inner value. A mechanism is in place ensuring that market value and inner value do not diverge by too much (else more coins are going to be sold and invested into real estate). 

IndustryReal Estate
StartMay 23, 2018
EndDecember 31, 2018
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