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StableDEX: Decentralized Exchange for Trading Stablecoins

StableDex is one of the first decentralized platforms, among the existing cryptocurrency exchanges, that focuses its operations on providing the services of peer-to-peer conversion of stablecoins in order to mitigate the volatility risks inherent to conventional cryptocurrencies, thus raise the appeal of the crypto space for the hesitant investors.

Right now, the project is having a sale of STDEX, the ERC-20 token that exercises the function of the primary currency of the StableDEX marketplace for stablecoins.

The features of the exchange

StableDex indicates Estonia as its place of registration, though the project’s core team is comprised mainly of Swiss specialists. No information has been revealed as of yet regarding the obtainment of any operational licenses from the corresponding Estonian authorities.

The main objective of StableDEX is to create a fully-featured decentralized trading platform on the basis of the Ethereum blockchain that enables seamless P2P crypto trading while allowing users to maintain full control over their crypto assets.

Apart from allowing traders to retain full custody of their tradable assets, StableDEX offers a host of other features, some of which are not available on most decentralized platforms.

Margin trading, an instrument that gains popularity on crypto exchanges. It affords an opportunity to manage investment risks more efficiently and carry out leveraged trading, using funds borrowed from a third party.

Transaction mining is the scheme that provides for the acquisition of STDEX tokens by means of so-called “transaction mining” - rewarding users whose 30-day trading volume exceeds 1 million USDT.

Automated trading comes in the form of the realtime websocket APIs, thanks to which users can apply personalized trading algorithms and execute sophisticated strategies. StableDEX also has a loyalty program which rewards users who hold from 10 thousand to 1 million STDEX for a prolonged period of time, but no less than 30 consecutive days.

StableDex also promises to impose low transaction fees which amount to 0.15% in base currency and 0.05% is STDEX; the exchange won’t charge any withdrawal and listing fees.

Team members

  • Bertram Seitz. The founder and CEO. A financial services expert from Switzerland, who has been a vice-president at Saxo Bank and also held the CEO position at MIG bank.
  • Roderick Warren. The co-founder and CTO. A seasoned project manager who specializes in the areas of software development and blockchain. He also founded such projects as StartupBlink and CoinMarketAlert.

Roadmap implementation

StableDex has already conducted an audit of the STDEX token and now is in the process of development of the DEX platform, the alpha release and full launch of which should take place in Q3 of 2019. The incorporation of all major features must occur by the end of this year. In 2020, the project will start developing a mobile application for stablecoin trading.

Social media presence

StableDEX is present only on two social media platforms: Twitter - 9,133 followers, and Telegram - 14,139 group members. It should be noted that the project’s audience on both platforms is very active, reacting to every publication with hundreds of likes and retweets.

The IEO details

The offering of STDEX now takes place on ExMarkets and will run until August 31. 45 million is the total amount of tokens allocated for the sale. The IEO price of 1 STDEX is 1 Euro. There is no minimum investment threshold. The project accepts BTC, ETH, USDC, and EUR. All investors must pass KYC. Citizens of the U.S. and China will not be admitted to the token sale.

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  • Secure. Using a blockchain is cryptographically secure – a decentralized exchange is…
  • Decentralized. No single authority or company has control, the network cannot manipulated by a single…
  • Cost effective. Innovative System through decentralization to decrease transaction fees…
Pre-Ico Start dateJuly 28, 2019
Pre-Ico End dateMarch 30, 2019
  • Roderick Warren. CTO
  • Alessio Palmiteri. Advisor - Helping STO and ICO Funded Projects Get Listed on Reputable Exchanges
  • Florent Reshani. Full-stack Developer
  • Bertram Seitz. CEO
  • Barbara Steinberg. CMO
  • Q3/2018. vision, research and concept development.
  • Q2/2019. stableDEX incorporation. STDEX (ERC20) Token creation & Audit. Decentralized Marketplace Platform Development.
  • Q2/2019. Platform Launch - Alpha release. STDEX Token IEO Phase 1 of 2. Platform Launch - Beta release. STDEX Token IEO Phase 2 of 2. Platform launch - GO LIVE. Listing of stable coins, indexes and crypto derivative tokens.
  • Q3/2019. Transactions Mining Model feature - development and release. API Connection for automated trading feature - development and release. Margin Trading feature - development and release.
  • Q3/2019. Asset Manager Tool - development and release. 
  • Q1/2020. Pro GUI. Mobile Apps development.

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StartJuly 4, 2019
EndSeptember 30, 2020
Minimum investment1 STDEX
Tokens for sale45000000
AcceptingETH, BTC, USDC, EUR

Although the idea behind StableDEX is definitely worthy of attention, their presentation of technical specifications is sub-par. The whitepaper is written in very broad strokes, the information about the platform’s main functional capabilities is presented superfluously. They don’t specify whether the exchange would comply with regulatory requirements. Perhaps they would provide more info if I send an inquiry.

Patrick   July 30, 2019  

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