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The cryptocurrency market is currently lacking the ability to track whale traders. But with spiking, this will no longer be an issue, as the platform has a secured network for doing that. The Spiking platform will fill the void in the market and assist traders in understanding the way the market works. This will help cryptocurrency traders make better decisions regarding their trades in the market.

With the spiking platform, traders can easily follow their trades and have the chance to fulfill their dreams of gaining financial freedom. It will enable the traders to know and follow their whales for improved trading in the cryptocurrency market. With Smart contract via blockchain technology, the platform provides an opportunity for users to take advantage of the trading activity. They can take hold of any whale activity and take charge of their trading accounts automatically. The Spiking platform will have a token known as SPIKE, to aggregate this platform.

About Spiking

Spiking was founded on April 12, 2018. It provides Robobull assistance (and artificial intelligence Robot) to new traders. The platform applies this technology to generate portfolios of various whales according to the trader’s reward/risk ratio. With this robust trading plan, new traders will have the confidence and assurance of a peaceful trade without difficulties. It will help them learn fast and manage their portfolios effectively.

Spiking has proposed a reward system that will see both a whale and the follower rewarded from the proceeds received from the follower’s capital. The reward system will give 71% (including return on investment) to the follower, 21% to the whale, while Spiking will receive the remaining 8% as its platform fee.

Spiking intends to offer worldwide access for trading and investing education, as it seeks partnership with top whales to provide CST programs. Traders or followers who want to learn how to invest may signup as students.

The spiking platform is engineered by innovative tools where whales and their followers meet in a conducive environment designed on blockchain technology. The trading transactions in the platform will help whales understand and process news in real-time. The platform is using a top security Ethereum technology where the whales will not be able to know the followers’ transaction details. It will ensure complete security for the followers’ investment.

The platform allows traders to watch and properly execute their trading activities via Smart contracts. Traders can easily find whales and follow the ones that match their goals.

Spiking ICO details

The project entered its first ICO on 12 December 2018 and ended on 24 December 2018. Pre-sale also ended on 24 December 2018. The project is registered in the Cayman Islands and has two country limitations (The United States and China). It raised $32.23 million on its ICO with $15 million as its hard capsize and $2 million as soft cap size.

The project accepts Ethereum as its utility token currency with a 20% bonus on preselling. Funds allocation is as follows: 30% for the token sales distribution, 30% for Spike trading protocol (reconciliation), 25% as company reserve, and 15% for contributors, investors, and advisors.

Author: Ali Raza for Crypto-Rating.com

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StartDecember 12, 2018
EndDecember 24, 2018

Spiking is seeing a lot of positive reviews, because of the strategy the team members have employed. The project itself is a good one with a nice concept. Another area the team is doing well is social media coverage. They have let investors know about every detail. Since this project is based on security and trust, the team members have tried to maintain that trust so far. However, the project still has a long way to go. But with the current indication, it may likely succeed.

Danni_Depp   April 2, 2020  

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