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Soraix: The Equity Token Exchange

Soraix is a Swiss blockchain startup domiciled in Zug, Switzerland, that is in the process of development of an exchange platform where users can trade equity tokens which are backed by digital shares issued by the participating companies. The project is about to launch a sale of ERC-20 compliant tokens SRX, which can be traded alongside other equity tokens.

The features of Soraix platform

The supposed uniqueness of Soraix resides in enabling companies of various sizes to issue digital shares in the form of equity tokens by virtue of this exchange platform. The issuance and the subsequent sale of those tokens will allow companies, especially the smaller ones, to overcome fundraising barriers that are usually present on traditional exchanges. These digital shares can be traded against each other, as well as against crypto and fiat currencies, listed digital assets, and SRX tokens.

SRX will be pegged to a given group of equity tokens in the 1:1 ratio, thus opening the possibility for implementing the revenue sharing model and maintaining a constant demand for the platform tokens. Apart from revenue sharing, the investors will be able to engage in social and leverage trading whilst traders can perform swap transactions, make margin trades and count on full securitization of every single digital asset in their portfolio.     

Another advantage of Soraix in comparison with the conventional exchanges lies in its uptime schedule which provides for 24/7 availability of shares trading and online support. The test launch of the Soraix platform is scheduled to happen this November. By that time, the developers should introduce such features as an efficient order matching engine, instant trades, leverage trading, and digital wallet. The corresponding mobile application will be introduced in Q1 of 2020.   

Team members

The core of the Soraix team consists of Swiss and Polish serial entrepreneurs and business managers. It should be noted that two out of the three key members of the higher management have little experience in crypto, as well as in the business, space.

  • Lucas Komarnicki. The founder and CEO. The whitepaper claims that Komarincki has 7 years of experience of securities trading and IPO consulting, though there is no confirmation in his professional profile.
  • Przemek Plazinski. The co-founder and CFO. Plazinski is the most experienced of the three since he had already acted as a founder of two business entities: Kissmydisk and Kupiku AG.
  • Patrick Kubicki. The CTO. Kubicki has been working for two years as a project manager for a video game development company Rad4m, before joining Soraix. 

ICO details

The sale of SRX tokens will take place in the period September 23 to November 24. All investors will be eligible for a 0-10% token bonus, depending on the amount of acquired SRX. There are also early bonuses of 5% (being offered from September 9 till September 23) and 10 % bonus (August 26 - September 9). Soraix will put up for sale 60% of its total supply of tokens (1 billion SRX) - all unbought tokens will be effectively burned.

1 SRX will be sold at a price of 0.0025 ETH - Soraix also accepts Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Dash, Ripple, Monero, and Litecoin. The crypto project has the following fundraising goals: softcap - $4.5 million and hardcap - $24 million.

The range of restricted countries is quite wide: USA, Singapore, China, North Korea, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iran, Syria, Yemen, Somalia, Sudan, South Sudan, and Central African Republic.   

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StartAugust 26, 2019
EndNovember 24, 2019

By looking at how regulators across the world, especially in the United States, have toughened their stance on cryptocurrencies, I think that it would be wise to refrain from investing in projects like Soraix mainly because it could become a collateral victim of a feud between Libra, US Senate, global regulators, SEC, and Telegram Open Network. The crypto is entering a very difficult stage where there would be a need for a compromise between the major blockchain projects and the officials. Something tells me that it won't be in favor of the former, which means that projects like Soraix would also suffer.

Warrennnn   September 22, 2020  

Let's be frank, the majority of startups that emerge in the crypto space today are just dabbling with this technology without offering something truly substantial. Soraix is a prime example of such a project as they go at length about the features of their exchange platform, but in reality, these guys have nothing to show for. $160 raised with only two weeks of ICO time left shows how even a Switzerland-based project could fail miserably.

LA Finest   August 4, 2020  

I think that Soraix is pretty much done with, judging from the "magnificent" results that they got during the current round of token sale. Even with a promise of a 10% bonus, Soraix managed to raise the pathetic $134. Well, at least they had the decency to let people know of such an achievement. Apparently, even those who boast about being based in Switzerland, and whatnot, are susceptible to failure.

annakarenina   September 7, 2019  

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