Solve.Care - ICO Review

Solve.Care is building a global healthcare platform to redefine care coordination, administration and payments for every healthcare delivery model. Solve.Care is implementing a relationship centric approach to healthcare by using distributed ledger technology and Blockchain that will replace existing centralized system approach around the world.

Solve.Care platform define healthcare in terms of relationships between stakeholders that will allow clients of all sizes to transition from rigid centralized systems to a flexible and effective approach much better suited to coordinate and administer care for groups of people organized by clinical needs, demographics, geography and delivery models.

Solve.Care platform utilizes blockchain technology to reduce the enormous global clinical and IT system costs associated with our current healthcare system. This revolutionary platform, along with its vast components, is available to all parties involved and creates far-reaching and timeless benefits.

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StartMarch 31, 2018
EndMay 1, 2018
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