SciDex (SciDex) Review

One of the most effective use cases for blockchain technology - apart from supporting cryptocurrencies and allowing for dApp development - is the creation of smart contracts. Smart contracts have become an extremely popular way to ensure that the contract will be fulfilled and respected by the parties involved. They are immutable and absolute, which makes it extremely important that the participants agree on all points before signing one.

Smart contracts have already been in use for a while, and many see them as something that will definitely stick around, despite the fact that the industry is constantly evolving, discarding some aspects, and adding new ones at all times. The industry is also investing considerable effort to make them easier to create and execute, and there was a lot of progress in that field.

There are entire companies dedicated to working with them, and one of them is SciDex.

About SciDex

SciDex is a project that has a goal of allowing companies to generate and use smart contracts for different business transactions. This will also include firms that typically do not use the blockchain themselves. The company claims to have made a lot of progress on their product, but also when it comes to its community. Further, they have many more plans to make the project more successful, efficient, and widespread.

SciDex marketspace is the first application that the project has created by using its own SciDex Protocol. It enables and facilitates companies to acquire, exchange, and even monetize scientific data. The exchange of scientific data is simple and standardized. The project's goal is to become the go-to place for acquiring, selling, and requesting any form of service and contribution to scientific data. Naturally, all of this has smart contracts at its core, to ensure that everyone gets what they agreed to.

The application's alpha version is already live, and the community members are currently testing it out. The project will then gather the feedback and continue perfecting the app. As usual for this type of projects, SciDex is also going to launch its own token in an ICO.

SciDex ICO details

While the SciDex ICO has been announced, the project has yet to decide the time and date of the token sale. However, while this is still unknown, there are multiple other details that were released, despite the fact that the ICO was announced quite recently.

First and foremost, the SciDex token's ticker will be SDX, and it will be a utility token. Like hundreds of others, it was designed on Ethereum's blockchain, which makes it an ERC-20 token. Another important detail that the project had already released is the token's price, which will be $0.1 per 1 SDX once the ICO arrives.

Interested investors will be able to obtain the token in exchange for Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), as well as QuarkChain (QKC). The token sale will have a soft cap of 2,500 ETH, and a hard cap of 10,000 ETH. The number of tokens for sale will be at exactly 1.2 billion units, and that is pretty much all that is known at this time.

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StartJune 1, 2019
EndAugust 31, 2019
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The identities of SciDex team members are fake is a red flag as big as Texas. Apparently, this project has been concocted by a bunch of tech guys, who decided to rip off some gullible investors, who would be stupid enough not the check the team profile. Really, it takes only a couple of days, or even less, for the guys know a thing or two about blockchain and smart contract to compile the papers and the website like that and then just wait for the fish to get into the net.

Sonia   August 13, 2019  

I have mixed impressions about SciDex: they have an interesting idea and a decent presentation of it, but, on the other hand, this startup doesn’t have any substantial backing or partnership deals with businesses that found these “new” smart contracts applicable. Besides, I haven’t found any information about the SciDex team, which comes as a major concern for me. The bottom line is that I wouldn’t trust this startup, at least until the team decides to come up in the open.

Nathan   July 26, 2019  

I am not sure why guys behind SciDex made so much effort compiling a decently-looking website and a rather comprehensible whitepaper, but then decided to fake the identities of the team members. For instance, I have done a background check on Alex Bouaziz and turned out that this guy’s profile doesn’t contain any mentions of SciDex. Are we looking at the scam here?

Roy   July 7, 2019  

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