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The cryptocurrency industry continues to evolve, and despite the price drops, more people get attracted to it every day. All of these new traders and investors are still in danger, however, and the dropping prices are not even close to the biggest threat out there.

In order to safely buy, sell, and trade coins, crypto users need to have a good exchange at their disposal. However, many of the modern exchanges are risky, many are also unregulated, and the number of those with weak security features is through the rood.

Of course, there are some exchanges that tick all of the right boxes, but what if they do not feature coins that the user is interested in? Others might not support the area in which the user lives in. And even if the exchange has the wanted coins listed, and the user can access them, some exchanges are often overly complicated and filled with tools and features that might be confusing and intimidating.

The best that new crypto enthusiasts can hope for is that one of the newer, modern projects might come out soon and deliver solutions to these problems, and one example of a project that is doing just that is ROKKEX.


ROKKEX is a next-gen cryptocurrency exchange based in Estonia. The exchange's main priorities are security and performance, and everything else comes second. In other words, the project's goal is to provide a safe environment for traders, new and experienced, but also an environment where traders will be able to easily find their way around in.

The platform's development used some of the best practices of UX in mobile and desktop alike, resulting in an effective, practical, and meaningful ways to exchange digital coins.

Furthermore, the platform already offers unmatched customer support, which is available around the clock, and provides users with quick solutions to any issue and hassle-free experience.

The exchange also has an experienced developers team, featuring experts in many different areas of emerging technologies, from the biggest telcos, to AI, cybersecurity, bank security, and more.

The crypto market currently features nearly 5,000 cryptocurrencies, with a daily trading volume exceeding $69.3 billion. However, none of it matters if the traders and their funds are not secure, which is why projects like ROKKEX are of dire importance. All that the exchange needs now is its own native coin, which is being distributed in a token sale right now.

ROKKEX ICO details

The first thing to note is that ROKKEX token sale is not a traditional ICO. Instead, it is an STO, a Security Token Offering, meaning that it complies with security regulations, making it that much safer to invest in.

The token in question is called RKX, and it is a security token developed on Ethereum's network. The project's pre-ICO stage took place from August 26th of this year until September 23rd, and it sold RKX for a price of 0.85 EUR per token. After that, the token sale itself took place, with the token's price climbing up to 1 EUR per each RKX. The token sale will end in only a few days, on November 18th.

The project is offering its tokens in exchange for Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, and Litecoin. Details such as soft or hard cap are not known, however, and neither is the amount that the project has raised to this point. However, it is known that the project was registered in Estonia, and that it has no restricted areas. However, anyone willing to participate will have to go through KYC and Whitelist procedures.

Author: Ali Raza for Crypto-Rating.com

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StartOctober 1, 2019
EndDecember 31, 2019

In essence, Rokkex is not that different from other cryptocurrency exchanges, because their highlighted features, such as the speed of transactions and the productive UI, doesn't make this platform unique. The fact that SEPA withdrawals are being carried out much faster compared to other exchanges doesn't interest me a bit since I am not a resident of the European Union. To cut the story short, Rokkex is destined to become yet another mediocre crypto exchange.

Givi   March 1, 2021  

I don't see what feats does Rokkex has to be characterized as the "crypto exchange of new generation?" Nothing about this platform seems even remotely innovative to me. Good user experience, availability 24/7, and an abundance of trading pairs - we see that on every platform that cares about its reputation and wants to stay in business for many years. Rokkex is the exchange of the present generation, but definitely not the future one.

Rocketman   January 15, 2021  

With the crypto market constantly evolving, many feel like the next-gen exchanges should start emerging, and ROKKEX could be one of the big ones in the future. However, it is also undeniable that there will be a lot of competition along the way, and that this exchange will need luck, skill, and a lot of work to rise through the ranks.

NIcky J1   December 13, 2020  

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