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Refine Medium: Better Version of YouTube

Refine Medium is a decentralized social video platform designed by a group of Indian experts in the field of online media and blockchain development, who are poised to correct the unfair treatment of content creators and users by the contemporary entertainment and media industry. The project is registered in the Hong Kong jurisdiction for regulatory purposes.

The developers have exploited the advantages of the Ethereum blockchain and its trademark smart contracts to produce an online medium for delivering the authentic and relevant video content to the viewers whilst providing means for the creators of such content to be rewarded in full for their creative work. The token economy of this project is based on the use of the XRM utility token which will become purchasable once the upcoming pre-ICO commences.

The main features of Refine Medium

The primary function of the platform, which was nicknamed by the developers as the “People’s Own Media”, is to provide means for the unhampered peer-to-peer delivery of high-quality video content, the authenticity of which is validated in a prompt manner and stored securely on the blockchain. 

It also entails the establishment of different levels of privacy which ranges from public to fully anonymous to ensure the integrity of identity data for all members of the network.

Speaking of members, they are nominally divided into four groups: content creators, consumers (or viewers), moderators, and innovators.

Refine Medium also has a comprehensive ranking system based on numerous factors, among which are the number of views and re-watches, downloads, shares, the proportion of likes and dislikes, etc. Higher rank ultimately translates to higher remuneration paid in XRM to the in-built digital wallet. The accumulated funds can be either transferred to external exchanges or used to participate in such offers as Data Boost or Space Boost.       

The moderators run the show

The third group, moderators, are of paramount importance for the proper functioning of Refine Medium because their line of responsibility includes casting votes on each item of video content that is being uploaded on the platform by creators.

In order for a video to remain accessible, it must gather no less than 30% of votes, which is called the voting threshold. A prime difference between Refine Medium and other video-sharing outlets is that the voting is organized in a fair and fully transparent fashion which stipulate the provision of a well-substantiated explanation of the reasons behind any decision, especially in case of the rejection of video content.

The moderators are also responsible for conducting the copyright management and controlling the videos that is being shared through the Refme feature, a referral tool for bringing the most valuable content to the top of the search query. They are also allowed to act as intermediaries between the talented members called innovators, who have brilliant ideas but can’t realize them due to the lack of knowledge or skills, and the tech-savvy content creators who implement these ideas into practice.

ICO details

The total supply of XRM amounts to 300 million tokens, more than half of which is going to be distributed among investors during ICO which will be carried out in three stages. The first phase (private sale) is now live and will end on June 15, followed by the pre-sale which will last for 10 days.

The main ICO will be organized in the period of July 25 - September 30. The pre-ICO price of 1 XRM will be 0.0008 ETH with 2 ETH entry threshold. The minimum purchase during the private sale is quite high - 10 ETH. Refine Medium imposed restrictions concerning the participation of citizens of the United States, Iran, Iraq, Tunisia, and several other countries, in this token sale.

Author: Alex Paulson for

  • Video uploading mechanism. Establishing P2P network that elminates intermediaries making the video uploading easy to interpret & fast. The video uploading mechanism is secured by blockchain technology which provides varying levels of privacy.
  • Secured User Data. The basic motto of refine medium is to build burst in blockchain technology. User data is distributed across the various nodes all around the world which makes it very hard to be exploited. Refine Medium enables its customers to monitor the data held about them & control how it is used.
  • User-friendly Infrastructure. This includes diverse collection of videos,a comprehensive user dashboard,regulation of payments through smart contract,options to chat & socialize, a dedicated forum for all type of user redressals & more...
  • Improved Accessibility. Making available the right content to the right user at right time across the globe. Refine Medium content discovery & suggestion algorithm will be a real time feed back loop which follows both the user and the content thus, tailoring the respective videos to the users.
  • Equitable Power & Monetary Distribution. Ensuring equal revenue distribution among all the stakeholders of the platform. Refine Medium aims to elminate the oligopolistic behaviour existing in video platforms of today.
  • Decentralised content moderation. A moderator will be democratically elected from the user base of Refine Medium platform. The main purpose of a moderator will be to address content suitability,accessibility plagiarism & legal ascepts. In other words, a group of moderators will govern the internal mechanism of the Refine Medium platform.
  • Copyright Management. Refine Medium replaces the "copyright agents" of today with "copyright moderators".Refine Medium has a robust copyright query and counter-query mechanism which involves all the parties in case of a dispute.
Pre-Ico Start dateJune 25, 2019
Pre-Ico End dateJuly 15, 2019
CountriesHong Kong
  • Vikalp Shukla. Founder and CEO
  • Tushar Saraswat. Co-Founder and CMO
  • Ankit Kumar. Operations Head
  • Nikhil Gupta. Blockchain Developer
  • Devansh Ojha. Blockchain Developer
  • Anand Chintam. Web Developer
  • Mayank Mahajan. Head of Finances
  • Kapil Kapadi. Smart contract developer
  • Q3 2018. Idea & concept formation. Market Suvrvey & Research. Team formation.
  • Q4 2018. Project Planning. Technical Scope Study. Company & Domain Registration.
  • Q1 2019. Website launch & Newsletter. Whitepaper disclosed. Tie Up with technical experts & advisors. Engaging multiple communities. Airdrop & Bounty system management.
  • Q2 2019. Announcement of ICO. Media Awareness. Beta version launch. Private Sale. Pre Sale.
  • Q3 2019. Pre Sale Continued. ICO. Bug bounties. Events & Partnership.
  • Q4 2019. Listing in active exchanges. More Tradeable exchanges. Diversify raised funds. Airdrop.
  • Q1 2020. Dapp Launch Phase -1. Search Engine Optimization. Expanding Refine Medium usage through different platforms. Expanding the user base.
  • Q2 2020. Dapp Launch Phase -2. Launch Mobile Version of Dapp. Refine Medium dedicated wallet. Diversify our Platform. Creating our own blockchain.

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Refine Medium
StartJuly 25, 2019
EndSeptember 30, 2019
Soft cap$100 000
Hard cap$500 000
Minimum investment1 XRM
Tokens for sale195000000
AcceptingBTC, ETH, XRP, BCH

It is evident that Refine Medium offers an interesting solution, however, the concept of the blockchain-based video-sharing platform is not new. The crypto community already has DTube, Verasity and a handful of other outlets. But Refine Medium does offer some interesting solution, for instance, the role of innovators as well as moderators is quite appealing. This project has the potential to form a decent pool of users, however, they would have to provide something extra to attract really serious investors and content makers.

Leonie   April 20, 2020  

Excuse me, but this business with moderators reviewing the content and deciding which goes to the platform or not is very reminiscent of censorship. I didn't find anything new or groundbreaking in Refine Medium. Just a plain old video streaming platform which creates the illusion of creative freedom, camouflaged with the hot words "blockchain" and "token". I wonder if anyone would come up with a platform that's free of any restriction with regards to the content. That's certainly not the case of Refine Medium.

critch   September 6, 2019  

Social media platforms have obviously entered the era of "blockchain-loving", thus we see the startups like Refine Medium pop up ever so often. I can assure you that the influencers, and the armies of their followers, are eagerly migrating from the traditional platforms to these alternative ones, mainly because it like a totalitarian regime right now on YouTube. People get banned, demonetized, and demoted left and right. So I wouldn't be surprised if Refine Medium manages to gather a substantial audience. They just need to get an endorsement from some big-time YT influencer and the users will start pouring in.

Gia   August 6, 2019  

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