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The rapid expansion of the crypto world has led to digital currencies slowly infiltrating nearly every industry around the world. Even if infiltration is yet to come, there are certainly projects that have an idea of how cryptos and blockchain might enter the industries and improve them in a significant way.

However, one of the first and biggest industries that have seen a massive contribution from the crypto space is the gaming industry. Gaming arose as a popular concept more than a decade ago, and since then, it has grown to include over 2 billion people worldwide. Countless cryptocurrencies were already operating within it, with even more planning to join, and even more than that being designed right now, with plans of a launch at some point in the future.

One such project is RAWG, which has yet to see its ICO but has an excellent rating, and big plans for making gaming even more widespread than it already is.

About RAWG

RAWG is a video game discovery platform, that aims to convert gamers' skills into goods and services. It features its own blockchain-based token, which would serve as a reward for gamers who manage to reach in-game achievements on RAWG platform. The tokens can also be used by advertisers, which can publish their ads on the platform, and be sure that they will reach their target audience.

Meanwhile, gamers who receive tokens can use them in several ways, including trading them for partner offers or other cryptos. RAWG token can even be used for obtaining various goods and services, with one of its main uses being for advertising, where 100 tokens will get 1,000 impressions of a banner ad.

Due to its nature, the project is dubbed 'the IMDb of games,' and it really is just that. It features 15,000 developers, as well as 56,000 games across over 50 platforms. It aims to use cross-platform data, and it already supports the sync of Xbox, PS, and even Steam profiles.

Its mission is to become the first entity that would actually reward gamers, as gaming requires a lot of time and skill, where gamers gain basically nothing in return, except for a good time and enjoyable experience. Now, they will be able to monetize their skills and gain more in return for doing what they love.

RAWG ICO details

As mentioned, RAWG did not announce the date and time of its token sale. But, that does not mean that there are no other details released at this time. It is known that the token will be called RAWG and that it will serve as a utility developed on Ethereum's platform. The ERC-20 token can be obtained in exchange for BTC and ETH, and the minimum investment will be $300. The price of RAWG in preICO and ICO will be the same — $0.03.

The project already has a bounty and an MVP, it was registered in the Cayman Islands, and the only restricted areas will be the US and China. Anyone else is welcome to participate, as long as they go through KYC and Whitelist procedures. The project set up a soft cap of $66,666,667 and a hard cap of $333,333,333.

Author: Ali Raza for Crypto-Rating.com

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StartMarch 1, 2019
EndMarch 15, 2019

The project appears to be completely legitimate and is likely to be adored by gamers. After all, it is not every day that their thousands of hours "wasted" on gaming are promised to pay off. With the massive size of the gaming industry in mind, this project might be one of the driving forces of mass adoption that is bound to come in the future.

Gabriel   June 9, 2019  

Indeed, many have speculated that gaming might be the industry that will bring cryptos to the mainstream. The project's vision and product appear solid, and any project that brings an aggregation angle to the ecosystem is likely to perform exceptionally well. Additionally, the project has an excellent team, comprised of professionals who know how to do their job, and all of this combined paints a bright future for RAWG.

Milo   May 14, 2019  

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