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The cannabis industry is having a lot of problems. There are too many dispensary ledgers, fragmented supply chains, and poor banking involvement in the cannabis industry. All these pose problems for the cannabis community. But there is a growing activity of cannabis networks that bring the cannabis community together to share their problems. One of those networks is the PUFFS network.

With the introduction of the PUFFS network, many of these problems can be tackled. PUFF's introduction of a Smart network can help leverage the opportunities for marketing and presenting cannabis properly among the cannabis community and the world.

With the Smart contract, PUFFS intends to offer a wide range of cannabis-related services to industry via a single platform. The team has developed a platform where cannabis users can tell the community about their love for cannabis. There is also a financial reward for them as they share their experience with cannabis.

About PUFFSCoin

The PUFFS platform provides a decentralized peer-to-peer cryptocurrency exchange. It offers services such as multi-vendor marketplace, proprietary micropayments, private messaging, instant zero-firm transactions, and transaction obfuscation. The PUFFS network works under the Leafy Cauldron company, which provides alternate medical services and treatments. The Leafy Cauldron also provides an online mail-order process.

The main role of the PUFFS platform is to use blockchain technology to provide transaction processing currency and maintain ledger transactions for its parent company, Leafy Cauldron. They also arrange for protests against the anti-cannabis policy of local governments. With the introduction of the PUFFS network, anyone that smokes cannabis can have the opportunity to share their cannabis smoking experience with the world.

PUFFS is a private facilitated financial system. The PUFFS network is designed by Dogpatch media. The media is a group of dedicated activists, designers, and developers, who create, manage, and monetize cannabis-related websites and community blogs. The media group is also responsible for both CouponsForWeeds.com and WeedTracker.com, two review websites for a cannabis dispensary. Croudgather now owns both sites.

PUFFSCoin ICO Detail

The PUFFSCoin initial ICO offering began on December 29, 2017, and ended on February 9, 2018. The company is registered in Canada and accepts Bitcoin for its ICO tokens sale. Its token distribution is as follows: 54% for Leafy Cauldron Apothecary, 3% for Genesis Sale, and 43% for the PUFFS development team.

The PUFFs network intends to distribute the token as fairly as possible to many networks. It intends allowing massive participation in the community. Anyone that joins the Token’s network will have an equal chance of participating. The developers are going to distribute 100 million tokens among these sites. That’s half of the entire token offering. The goal of the Platform is to gain 1 million participants across the ten network of sites.

The PUFF network operates on multiple sites to make the network token very popular among the communities and in the world. The developers are planning to develop ten sites, with half of the sites the network’s initiative, while the community will bring ideas about the contents of the other five sites.

Author: Ali Raza for: Crypto-Rating.com

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StartDecember 29, 2017
EndFebruary 9, 2018

The PUFF project is unique. The team members have set up a plan to involve the cannabis community in the site’s development. For a project of this nature, the team members need to create a lot of awareness for the project. But it seems they have not done that enough. If the team can intensify efforts on awareness, the project will have a massive chance of succeeding.

WorryFreeChris   December 1, 2019  

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