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Ever since the blockchain technology caught the eye of the public, many started speculating what other possibilities apart from simply supporting cryptocurrencies might be derived from it. Before long, blockchain was envisioned as part of pretty much any industry. Its ability to be permissioned or permissionless, its immutable nature, advanced security, and many other beneficial features promise to change the world forever.

Since then, numerous blockchain-based startups emerged, and even some of the major companies developed an interest. Of course, there are still many questions to be answered, and blockchain is believed to still be in the stage of infancy. As such, it is not ready to go mainstream just yet. However, with every new advancement, breakthrough, and ides — it inches closer and closer to it.

As mentioned, its potential allows it to infiltrate pretty much any industry and improve it, and the agriculture industry is considered to be one where it could make major changes, which is what projects such as Pavo aim to achieve.

About Pavo

Pavo is an IoT-blockchain solution for the global agriculture ecosystem. It has a goal of allowing growers to make better, smarter, and faster business and agricultural decisions, based on the important real data.

Like other blockchain-based solutions, Pavo has also come up with its own token — PavoCoin. The token is envisioned as most useful within the cannabis markets, where the network participants would accept digital payments from customers, as well as other community members. The token would then be used within the network as a method of payment.

The project also has an end-to-end solution that would make use of the blockchain in two dimensions — as an underlying technology for PAVO, as well as to secure data collected via sensors at agricultural crops. In other words, the data would be collected from farms and fields, as well as indoor facilities, and be secured within the platform. Not only that, but the system would grant a unique identification number to each plant so that each plant can be tracked during harvesting.

Pavo ICO details

Pavo's ICO was announced over a year ago, but the project has yet to schedule its exact time and date. However, while this is currently not known — many other details are. For example, the token's ticker, as mentioned, will be PAVO. It will serve as a utility, and it is developed on Ethereum's network.

It already features an MVP, a bonus, and a bounty, and it even has it ICO price determined, sitting at $0.1 per token. This will also be the price during its preICO period, judging by the released information.

Next, the project also decided that the minimum investment during the token sale will be $500. It was decided that its soft cap will sit at $1 million, while the hard cap will be at $8 million. However, it was not specified which coins will be accepted during the token sale, although it is a safe bet that ETH will be one of them, or possibly the only one.

The project itself was registered in the US, but the US investors will not be allowed to participate. Other restricted regions include Cuba, North Korea, and Iran. Everyone else would be allowed to participate, as long as they go through Whitelist and KYC procedures.

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StartJune 1, 2019
EndAugust 31, 2019

I was so curious about how PavoCoin plans to assign a serial number to each individual plant, for instance, on a cornfield where there are tens of thousands of plants. But their website is not accessible, which leaves me only guessing whether or not that would have been cost-effective. On the other hand, why would one need to store information about the crop and its growing process on a blockchain? It's not that it requires the immutability or anonymity. To tell you the truth, since PavoCoin is tailored for the cannabis industry, their concept looks like it had emerged from the haze of smoke.

Cynthia   August 6, 2019  

Right now, I am in the process of selling my farm in Kentucky and moving to Argentina where I also plan to buy a farm, only a much bigger one. My point is that Pavocoin, and other similar projects, will do great things for my business, especially if the business is being conducted in Latin America. You have probably heard about the deals in crypto between the governments of Argentina and Paraguay. That’s is what I call forward-thinking, and that is why I think Pavocoin will do great.

Basil   July 18, 2019  

Pavo is one shady project - they don’t even have a working website, so I would have to trust the information written in the review. This whole scheme involving data collection from crops sounds pretty ridiculous. And even if they do have a working product, wouldn’t it be immensely expensive to install, launch, and maintain this network? I seriously doubt that anyone, except maybe for some huge agricultural consortiums, would afford to pay for the Pavo’s concept. But there only a handful of them, so how can this project ensure the driving force behind its token? I guess that question is rhetorical.

Dylan   July 1, 2019  

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