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Ozotop: Experts Community on TON Blockchain

Ozotop is one of the first startups that want to build its ecosystem of the bedrock of Telegram Open Network, a new and promising blockchain which, however, is yet to stand the test of trial with any serious blockchain project. However, Ozotop will also incorporate the Waves blockchain, thus turn their network into a hybrid of two arguably most progressive blockchains.

Ozotop concept and company information

The project under review presents the concept of the decentralized robotic society of experts managed by special software applications, i.e., bots, and also by algorithms, robots, and tailor-made scripts.

The gist of the Ozotop idea lies in the creation of the robotized online society, the members of which could provide various services, i.e., consultations, marketing, writing, or the sale of products directly on the platform. After each service or purchase, the customers will have to leave feedback, which will be subsequently analyzed by the mentioned algorithms, scripts, etc. After a specific period, the worst performers will be ousted from society for good, with new members taking their place.  

Ozotop is said to be registered in the jurisdiction of the Cayman Islands; however, there is no precise information on the official website or in open business registries about the company’s registration number, legal address and other such details. 

Token economy

The team, which is comprised mostly of the specialists from the CIS member states, is currently organizing a pre-sale, combined with the IEO, of utility tokens with a ticker OZO, which has been developed upon the foundation of the Waves blockchain. OZO tokens will be listed on the decentralized Waves cryptocurrency exchange (Waves DEX) immediately after the conclusion of the IEO. Right from the get-go, the owners of OZO will be given a chance to trade their token on DEX in the following pairs: BTC/OZO and ETH/OZO. The OZO/GRAM pair is expected in the future.      

However, IEO is not the only token distribution mechanism used by Ozotop. The project decided to carry out two types of coin offerings, with the STO following the initial sale. During that event, OZO will be sold in the form of the security tokens, thus granting the right to their holders to obtain shares in the project and participate in the revenue sharing scheme.

It should be noted that once the Telegram Open Network get fully operational (presently, there is only a lite version of TON available), Ozotop will move most of their ecosystem to that blockchain while preserving all ownership rights of OZO holders who acquire these tokens through DEX.

Therefore, OZO tokens will have two primary functions: to exercise the role of a tradable currency and to represent ownership in the company and the right to acquire dividends. 

The IEO details

The pre-sale is currently live on Waves DEX, due to take place till September 26. The STO mentioned above is scheduled to commence on October 1 and last till November 1. The IEO price of 1 OZO is 0.000003 BTC, though the project also accepts ETH, LTC, and fiat. The pre-sale hardcap is 33.7 BTC which is relatively moderate. Citizens of China, USA, and Canada can’t participate in the token sale.

Author: Alex Paulson for Crypto-Rating.com

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StartSeptember 30, 2019
EndDecember 30, 2019

People who frown at Ozotop and its idea of robotic decentralized societies should remember that some 30 years ago, we all thought that mobile phone is the work of divine power, not to mention that we would have Internet everywhere. Indeed, Ozotop might not get large traction right off the bat, but I am sure that the idea will catch on. Maybe it won't be Ozotop that will bring it to fruition, but the cyber societies are here to stay.

Reds4Life   December 5, 2020  

There have been so many talks and speculations about Telegram Open Network that I am dying to see at least one project that utilizes this presumably progressive blockchain solution. The combination of Waves and TON within the framework of a single startup makes Ozotop even more appealing. Although I would suggest that you should refrain from investing in Ozotop right away in order to see how the situation with SEC would resolve.

Separate Brain   August 29, 2020  

When I read the description of Ozotop, it felt like I was getting acquainted with some Lord of the Flies or some futuristic novel about the society of experts on a blockchain. I get that they are trying to recreate the concept of meritocracy, but it looks kinda awkward coming from Ozotop. The robotized online society, the personalized scripts, the bots - all these are just fancy words without real substance.

Jordan Melford   December 4, 2019  

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