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It used to be that investing in companies' shares and bonds was only available to a handful of verified investors. It was only possible in certain locations and at certain times of the day. This all changed with the introduction of the internet.

Once the worldwide web matured, it opened more possibilities. Banks and other financial services moved online as well, and so did investment. Suddenly, investing in companies became not only possible, but easy for everyone. All you needed to do is go to a certain website, and pick your stocks.

All the information was available, predictions, charts, and even guides. Entire forums dedicated to predictions and experience sharing emerged as well. Of course, this led to the realization of other problems, such as the fact that stocks of major firms — which are typically much safer investments — remain quite expensive.

Regular people typically don't have hundreds, or even thousands of dollars to buy stocks at any given time. However, this also has the potential to change thanks to the emerging cryptocurrency sector. Not that people will have more money to invest, but the asset tokenization will allow people to invest smaller amounts and only buy a portion of the stock. This is what a project called Ommer aims to deliver.

About Ommer

Ommer is a blockchain-based project that has the goal of introducing micro-investing to billions of people around the globe. It believes that anyone should have the opportunity and ability to participate in the global financial markets. This should not be affected by where the person is located, or how much money they have.

Ommer plans to realize this goal by tokenizing publicly listed stocks. This would allow micro-investments, and at minimal fees, at that. Users would easily be able to access various opportunities around the world through their decentralized network of licensed brokers. At the same time, counterparty risks would be minimal, thanks to smart contracts and blockchain.

The project emerges as a way to allow tech-savvy internet users to invest quickly and conveniently. These days, the younger generations — such as millennials — face difficulties when it comes to investing their savings. There are numerous setbacks, and these savings are typically not enough for becoming a professional investment.

There is also a matter of grand urgency when it comes to investing. Prices of stock and bonds can jump or drop at any time, and reacting quickly and easily is what Ommer aims to offer. Of course, the platform will also need its own coin, which is why Ommer is planning to hold its own token sale in the near future.

Ommer ICO details

Ommer has developed its own native cryptocurrency, which is quite typical of any blockchain project. Its OMR token is a utility token, developed on Ethereum's network. The date and time of the token sale are not announced at this time, but it is known that investors will be able to buy OMR with Ethereum, and that the price of each token will be $0.6 per unit.

The project had set up a soft cap, placing it at $5 million, while the hard cap is at $23.5 million. Apart from that, it is known that the project was registered in Singapore, and that anyone can participate after going through KYC and Whitelist procedures. There are no restricted areas for this project, at least not for now.

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StartJuly 4, 2019
EndOctober 10, 2019

Ommer must have the most simplistic website I have ever seen. It consists only of a single home page with a few introductory lines and a photo of an investment app. They must have put tons of hours to create such a masterpiece. When I clicked on the About Us section, I was redirected to a page that contained a few lines of some gibberish. How stupid they think someone must be to believe that Ommer will deliver on their promises, formulated in a couple of sentences. I can't believe the ridiculousness of some people in this industry.

$tella   October 1, 2019  

I wouldn't want to put tags on anyone right off the bat, but Ommer looks very suspicious to me. First of all, their official website doesn't contain any concrete information whatsoever and looks like it has been concocted by a nascent web designer. Secondly, the profiles of Ommer's team members don't have a single mention of this project, like ever. Same goes to the people from the board of advisors. I guess there is no point in talking about their concept and such.

Mark   August 12, 2019  

According to the roadmap, the start of the public sale was supposed to be in Q4 2018, although it appears that there are delays, if the project is still active at all. It has a strong team and several good advisors, so it should be capable from that point of view. It is certainly worthy of looking into, although investors should decide for themselves whether or not they are interested in investing in it.

Sara   July 30, 2019  

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