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NGS - ICO Review

With the invention of the internet, countless new possibilities emerged. We are not only talking about with things you can watch or access online, but also in the sphere of business. It used to be that starting a business requires you to save major amounts of money, get a loan from a bank, or pitch your idea to a handful of investors and hope for the best.

In fact, this was the reality of the situation for a long time even after the internet was invented. Then, crowdfunding became a thing, with websites like GoFundMe, Indiegogo, and the best-known of them all — Kickstarter.

It suddenly became possible for you to present your idea to the masses, and get fundings from anyone interested in your future business. Of course, these websites require you to give something in return, even if just a T-shirt, or to honor your investors in some other way. However, the point remains — anyone could get funds for any type of project as long as they had the ability to sell it.

With the invention of blockchain, however, this idea can take the next step. It already did, in a way, with all the ICOs, STOs, IEOs, and other token sale models. But, these require you to launch your own token, create your own platform, and find a way to make your business a success, when at the same time, the whole affair is wrapped in uncertainty due to the lack of regulations.

A project called NGS aims to improve the situation in a unique way, which is why we believe it is worth exploring.

About NGS

NGS, or NGS Coin, is a platform that aims to change the future of funding. It is a project built on top of Ethereum's blockchain, and it aims to help startup firms accelerate their growth by offering different services and tools that will help entrepreneurs by saving time, money, and other resources.

Investors can easily use the platform to divide their investments among different services, such as crowdfunding itself, P2P loans, and more. NGS' first version will let startups launch and manage crowdfunding campaigns, and at the same time, it would protect investors' interests, which is the platform's primary goal.

The platform's voting system will allow investors to have more control when it comes to their investments. In the end, the platform aims to be an all-in-one solution that will offer numerous different services, from market to finance. All of these services will be accessible from a single platform, which will make it a go-to place for everyone. All that the platform needs now is its own native token, which is currently being distributed in a token sale.

NGS ICO details

NGS Coin's ICO is already well underway. In fact, it is actually coming to a close in a few days. The project had its preICO period from May 20th to July 21st. The ICO itself started on August 5th, and will end on September 9th, leaving interested investors a bit over 6 days to join the token sale and invest into the token NGS.

The token is a utility developed on Ethereum's platform, as mentioned before. It can be obtained with Bitcoin and Ethereum coins, with the price of 1 NGS being $0.1 in the ICO, after being only $0.01 during the preICO stage.

The project has set up a soft cap of $5 million, and a hard cap of $30 million. It features a bonus, and to participate in it investors will have to go through the Whitelist procedure. The project itself was registered in the UK, although if it has restricted areas - they were not mentioned.

Author: Ali Raza for Crypto-Rating.com

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StartAugust 5, 2019
EndSeptember 9, 2019

The project definitely seems interesting, although its team is quite small, and they lack any advisors, which could end up being a red flag for a lot of investors. Many would feel a lot more confident if a trusted advisor supported the project. Without them, however, the investors will simply have to study the project's 16-page-long white paper and come to a conclusion whether or not to invest.

VinnieThePooh   September 3, 2019  

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