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Nevix: Blockchain Platform for Moviemakers 

Nevix is a crowdfunding platform for the filmmaking industry that was developed by a group of Indonesian entrepreneurs, film producers, and IT system developers on the basis of the Waves blockchain and utilized the Leased Proof-of-Stake (LpoS) algorithm. At the initial stages of its development, Nevix will be focused primarily on the Indonesian cinematographic market in order to establish a deeply-rooted network of investors, filmmakers, and promoters who will work jointly for the good of the movies lovers. Once the success at the local scene will have been achieved, Nevix plans to move its operation to a global scale.

The crowdfunding, as well as other financial operation on the platform, will be carried out by virtue of a minable token labeled NVX. At the moment, Nevix is conducting a token sale that is fragmented into four phases.

Company details

Nevix was launched as a subsidiary project by Nevsky Group, an international company engaged in multiple industries, including real estate, public health, IT consulting, and automotive. One of the Group's holding companies called Nevsky Prospekt Indonesia, which is a part of a business unit Nevsky Pictures, specializes in filmmaking and distribution, and it became a driving force behind Nevix, having provided it with the intellectual and monetary capital.   

The Nevix features

Through the utilization of the Waves blockchain, Nevix has created a fully decentralized peer-to-peer platform that affords ground for crowdfunding and cooperative work on various film projects. Conceptually, Nevix is not particularly different from other projects related to movie making: the holders of NVX tokens are granted the opportunity to invest in the proposed ideas and then receive comprehensive and transparent information about the process of its realization. After the film gets released, the profits are to be shared between the investors proportionally. Along with that, Nevix introduces such features as the Digital Currency Exchange (DCE), a platform for making transactions and converting NVX tokens to other cryptocurrencies. This exchange is also called the Nevix Radar Explorer, which is directly linked to the three types of Nevix wallets: web, mobile, and desktop (Windows).      

The whitepaper claims that at least one such movie has already been created with the aid of Nevix, though its name was not specified.   

Team members

  • Radil Raditya Harjana. The founder and CEO. An aspiring blockchain entrepreneur who acquired his first capital through crypto trading and restaurant business.
  • Ricky Jukanda. The co-founder and CCO. Prior to joining Nevix, Jukanda worked in the tourism industry.
  • Resliansyah Pratama. Apart from being the co-founder and CTO at Nevix, Pratama holds the position of the general manager at Nevsky NET, a business unit that provides IT services.

ICO details

The token sale of NVX is an ongoing event that will last until October 8. As of now, the project has reached 10% of its hardcap of $35 million with softcap being set at $5 million. The current selling price of 1 NVX is $0.0346 with no information regarding the minimum investment limit. Nevix accepts Bitcoin, Ethereum, and US dollars. Each applicant for a token purchase must pass the KYC procedure. There are no restrictions with regard to the country of residence.

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StartJune 8, 2019
EndOctober 8, 2019

It's only four days left in the ICO and Nevix only managed to fulfill their financial target by 10%. Obviously, we can scratch this project from out shortlists of interesting token sales. I think that the main reason behind this relative failure - I am certain that the guys at Nevix are immensely talented and will find another place to apply their business skills - is that the team chose to focus only on the Asian market, instead of trying to reach the global audience. Filmmaking is all about being able to reach people across the world, and it seems that Nevix didn't factor it in.

NickyLicky   September 20, 2019  

Nevix is obviously a failure. I have just checked their website, and they managed to raise only 10% of the targeted funding goal. With only two days left until the closure of this ICO, Nevix will never manage to attract enough funds to continue their development. Sorry, guys. Better luck next time!

George   August 8, 2019  

When was the last time you saw an Indonesian movie? I would say never, though it doesn’t mean that I am going to diss Nevix here. The fact that these guys probably would never hit the global scale doesn’t mean that the project doesn’t hold any potential to rule the local market. On the contrary, Nevix is a shining example for moviemakers in other countries of how one can develop this industry without relying on big studios or government financing. The projects like Nevix will help to reimagine the way how films are made, which is a positive thing for the global culture.

Edwin   July 22, 2019  

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