Navibration (Navibration) Review

The rapid development of technology in the past few decades has brought a large difference to the way we look at our surroundings. Maps and satellite images made it possible for us to navigate our way to pretty much any part of the world, and back. These days, all you need is your phone and the internet connection, and you will be able to see your every footstep on some of the most advanced tracking systems.

However, many believe that this is not the end and that navigation can take the next step and work in offline mode as well. The implications of this would be amazing, as people would no longer need the internet to get around. This would be extremely useful in numerous scenarios, and that is what the project known as Navibration is all about.

About Navibration

Navibration is a tech startup that is working on improving the navigation. The firm dreams to deliver the navigation of the future — offline navigation. They believe that this can be achieved through vibration, as well as the whole ecosystem of audio tours that would include cities from all corners of the world. Naturally, all of it would be built on blockchain technology.

The project attracted quite a lot of attention, and its initial development was backed by the Government of Spain. The company is among the first, if not THE first to start thinking about navigating through vibration, and it even managed to patent this system.

The project already has a working app, and while there is still quite a lot of work to do, users can download it from the App Store and Google Play. But, in the future, the app will get its own token, which will play a fundamental role within the project's platform and ecosystem.

Navibration ICO details

Navibration's ICO is currently underway. It started on May 20th, and it will end within about 13 days, on June 30th. The token in question is known as NAVI, and it is an ERC-20 token, designed to act as a utility within Ethereum's network. Apart from the MVP, the project also offers a bonus.

It was registered in Estonia, and it is available around the world, with only two restricted areas — the US and China. Investors from any other country can participate freely, provided that they go through the KYC procedure. After that, investing in the coin is easy. Its price is $0.01 per 1 NAVI, and investors can pay with fiat currencies, Bitcoin, or Ethereum. The project set up a soft cap of $100,000 and a hard cap of $1.5 million, which is quite low as modern ICOs go.

Author: Ali Raza for

StartMay 20, 2019
EndJune 30, 2019

I get the overall idea behind Navibration, but I don’t really see how the proper realization of this system is feasible from a technical standpoint. In other words, I doubt that these tours, concocted by the users with apparently no background in history, tourism, or voice over services, would come as a better alternative to a hired tour guide. It might do well as a local project, let’s say in Barcelona, but not as a global one.

Toby   June 23, 2019  

The project has a pretty decent team, with some rather great advisors. It also has a pretty good vision, with a refreshing idea. As many have pointed out, however, the success of the project will rely heavily on the number of users willing to actually use the app and the coin. However, the project certainly has potential, as well as a huge market.

Alex   June 18, 2019  

In fact, it is more than likely that it is more necessary that people realize. Even so, some view it as just another social network, without much more to it than that, which may not be true. In the end, everyone interested in the project should study it for themselves, and not pay attention to the ratings, as always. But, with less than two weeks before the ICO's end, investors are advised to hurry and check it out as soon as they can.

Kelly   May 8, 2019  

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