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Blockchain technology is a growing technology that has kept gaining approval from more sectors of the economy. The technology is beneficial in the financial sector, the health sector, and other sectors as well. Companies are now taking advantage of the blockchain network to provide more effective and efficient services. One of those companies is the Mozox firm, which dominates the positioning systems technology.

MOZO is a top player in Indoor Positioning Systems technology (IPS). The firm has partnered with several other companies in the past. It has initially collaborated with Wanda Group, the leading mall operator in China.

It has also partnered with 361°, one of the biggest athletic apparel retailers in China.  Besides, the company has had an alliance with other popular Asian companies, including DCG Korea and Suntec Singapore.

There are more than 38,000 venues that have pledged to implement the Mozo framework into their core business operations. Mozo is also planning to add more venues within the next couple of years.  The main objective of Mozo is to become the biggest blockchain token with a global reach in the industry.

About Mozox

MozoX is a blockchain-based platform that offers businesses and retailers an effective portal to implement their business processes. The platform is using blockchain technology to partner with companies conducting related businesses. Its platform will be of immense benefit to retailers, venue operators, and stores. The implementation of blockchain technology will also help to streamline the entire industry, as business processes will become more efficient. It will also help to reduce the timescale in the organization.

The company is brazing up to offer solutions to retailers looking to control their offline stores and their foot traffic. When retailers and other customers use the token, they are encouraged to find out new business locations, check for products, and buy products through the platform provided by MozoX. The company intends to reposition foot traffic and reintroduce it into the physical stores.

The MozoX token operates under the Ethereum Blockchain network. Venue operators and store owners will utilize them as a reward to customers. The customers can redeem and collect their tokens in exchange for products, discounts, and great deals.

Its supply cap for the token is 5 billion MozoX tokens. But there won’t be any further issuance of the token after this initial sale.

SEO of the company, Giang Phung, has a wealth of experience in the Asian market for venue operators. With his tech expertise and leadership, the company hopes to gain more collaboration and expand its reach to cover more venues.

Mozox ICO review

Mozox ICO date started on December 2 and will end on December 9. The token will have a total supply of 5 billion Mozox tokens, with the token distribution as follows:

  • 25% (1.25 billion) for presale and token sale
  • 25% (1.25 billion) for Miozo foundations
  • 50% (2.5 billion) for Mozo Treasury

The token is offered for presale at the rate of $0.09 per token. The token accepts the Ethereum crypto coin, with restricted countries in Hong Kong and China.

Author: Ali Raza

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StartOctober 1, 2018
EndDecember 31, 2018
Minimum investment0.1 ETH
Tokens for sale5000000000
AcceptingETH, BTC

The project is an interesting one, as the company wants to facilitate the Indoor positioning system with blockchain technology. But the advantage the project has is their strong team. It has assembled a team of professionals who have a wealth of experience within the industry. That’s what’s going for this project. However, the level of awareness for the project is not enough. More still needs to be done on the project’s site and social media channels. Overall, it’s a unique project that promises to be successful if the team does the right things.

Jameela   December 7, 2019  

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