Miracle Tele (Miracle Tele) Review

Industry: telecommunication


The blockchain platform Miracle Tele is designed for use in the mobile data and broadcasting industry. The main idea of the project is the way to connect thousands of consumers with hundreds of local mobile operators that offer inexpensive services at better prices.

Thus, customers can enjoy lower rates for high-quality communication services and additional tools based on advanced technologies. In addition, customers will be rewarded as a token holder thanks to decentralized technology and a shared economy.

The blockchain platform of Miracle Tele will be based on the use of solutions based on Ethereum, such as Plasma and Sharding  innovative technologies or the graphene protocol. This will significantly improve the scalability and the speed of transactions, which will practically lead to the absence of transaction fees, reduced transaction confirmation time and power consumption compared to Bitcoin or Ethereum  blockchain.

Tokenisation of the company's assets, which are on the one hand virtual, but at the same time highly measurable resources, such as mobile traffic and airtime, will provide a stable growth of the cost of Miracle Tele tokens and help protect its value from market shocks and increased volatility, as well as emit prepaid debit cards that would support both Miracle Tele tokens and other altcoins and will be available for usage throughout the world.

All the above said makes Miracle Tele an attractive, multi-faceted, inter-sectoral product that will provide its customers and investors with an user-friendly and effective way to use complex communication instruments and innovative financial services in one place, following global trends, such as digitalization and decentralization of the most important aspects of our daily life.


  • Fair play. One of the lowest rates on the telecom market via a pay-as-you-go model with no startup or hidden fees.
  • Blockchain. Deployment of a blockchain grid on top of our telco infrastructure lets all TELE token holders receive biweekly rewards
  • Zero paperwork. One-step registration with no contracts and no document requirements for SIM card orders.
  • Innovation. Future implementation of advanced communications services and financial tools

Founded: 2018, Czech Republic

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Conversion Block

  • Token TELE
  • Type Utility
  • Price 1 TELE = 0.13 EUR
  • Bonus Available
  • Bounty Available
  • Platform Ethereum
  • Accepting ETH, BTC, ETC, DASH, LTC, Fiat
  • Minimum investment 10 EUR
  • Soft cap 150,000,000
  • Hard cap 300,000,000
  • Country Czech Republic
  • Whitelist/KYC None
  • Restricted areas USA, China, South Korea, Singapore

More on ICO

Technical details

  • Token TELE
  • Platform Ethereum
  • Type ERC20
  • Price in ICO 0.1502 USD
  • BONUS Since TELE price will increase per ICO stages, the total bonus will amount to around 90%.
  • Tokens for sale 150,000,000
  • Sold tokens 10,408,591
  • Min. investment 10 EUR
  • Accepting ETH, BTC, ETC, DASH, LTC, Fiat
  • Distributed in ICO 50%
  • Soft cap 150,000,000
  • Hard cap 300,000,000


  • Q1 / 2018 Core team formed. Website and blockchain released. Lightpaper prepared.
  • Q2 / 2018 Miracle Tele registered in the Czech Republic. Prague office opened. Contracts with mobile services providers signed. Fully-functioning SIM cards in 163 countries launched.
  • Q3 / 2018 5 000 active telco users reached. Android application. MVNO licence from Czech Telecommunication Authority obtained. Testing of TELE token rewards model finished.
  • Q4 / 2018 iOS app released. Upgrading our APN server-side equipment for enhanced telecom system performance. Negotiations with mobile carriers and preparation the infrastructure for the use of TELE tokens as payment for our telecom services. 8000 active telco users reached.
  • Q1-2 / 2019 Development of proprietary wallet started. Free use of WhatsApp/ Telegram on Miracle Tele SIM cards enabled. Payments with TELE tokens for our telecom services enabled. Reaching 50,000 registered users. 25,000 active telco users reached.
  • Q3-4 / 2019 Proprietary multiplatform wallet released. Negotiations with prepaid card issuers on launching Miracle Tele debit prepaid cards that support cryptocurrencies. Development of a new blockchain for our telecom ecosystem started. Reaching 100,000 registered users. 50,000 active telco users reached.
  • Q1 / 2020 Release of Miracle Tele prepaid debit cards that support cryptocurrencies. Release of a new blockchain for our telecom ecosystem. Incorporating VPN services into Miracle Tele SIM cards. Listing TELE token on exchange platforms. 65,000 active telco users reached.
  • Q2-4 / 2020 Integration of Miracle Tele telecom services into IoT ecosystems. Reaching 250,000 registered users. 125,000 active telco users reached.
  • Q1-4 / 2021 Reaching 500,000 registered users. Over 200,000 active telco users reached. Becoming one the world’s biggest MVNOs and going into competition with traditional telecom providers.


  • Burciks Andrejs CEO
  • Alex Man CFO
  • Aleksandar Djordjevic CTO
  • Sagar Bansal CCO/CMO
  • Roman Golod Head of development
  • Mafalda Pinto Head of customer support
  • Joshua Woods Researcher
  • Ilya Bolshakov CBDO
  • Katarina Vinter HR dept
  • Veronica Müller Office & event manager

Miracle Tele
StartOctober 15, 2018
EndOctober 15, 2019
121 days left

This project looks super worth investing in! Miracle Tele has something to do with mobile broadcasting, which plays a huge role in the entertainnment that we receive on a daily basis. This ICO might be a big one, but I will wait to see as it gains its exposure to the rest of the crypto market and decide from there. If they can pull off their goal, then thats millions of users exposed to the Miracle Tele network, which could catapult it to a trillion dollar market cap!

Bobby   April 6, 2019  

What do you think is worth investing in the project? Where to find information about owners, co-founders, investors? What stage of development is it at? I would be grateful for the information!

AWoods   January 31, 2019  

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