MEDoctor (MEDoctor) Review

MEDoctor Integrates Telemedicine with Artificial Intelligence

Getting a proper medical service is getting more and more problematic even for the citizens of the developed countries. The issue doesn’t reside in the competence of general practitioners or family doctors, but rather in the work overload which results in the long waiting time, which in some cases can be up to 17 days, as well as the increased overall cost of doctor’s visit that averages at $120 in the United States.

The solution to this problem came in the form of Telemedicine, which is the practice of distance diagnostics and treatment of patients through the use of innovative telecom technologies. This approach has been getting more popular over the years. In the period from 2013 to 2018, the compound annual growth rate of patients who resorted to Telemedicine, also known as TeleHealth, amounted to 80% throughout the world. While this method of first-contact care has proven to be time and cost efficient, it still requires improvements, some of which are being offered by MEDoctor.

What is MEDoctor and what does it offer

MEDoctor Inc. is a company from Delaware, USA, which specializes in developing artificial intelligence capable of making a provisional diagnosis and suggesting the appropriate medication. The company is a partially owned subsidiary of MEDoctor Telehealth Ltd., a British company headquartered in London, which engineers various telemedicine products.

Over the years, the MEDoctor team has conducted around 30 thousand unique studies which now lie at the heart of AI that is capable of distinguishing symptoms of over 900 diseases and ailments, which constitute the overwhelming majority of medical cases. 

The Blockchain Personal Health Record (BPHR) is the second components of MEDoctor’s product, which is a Web-based solution that provides for the free, secure, and easily accessible storage of all patient records on blockchain. However, the primary difference between the traditional blockchain and the one developed by MEDoctor is that BPHR is not immutable, which means that patients can alter or even delete their medical records at their own discretion.

Patients can access these services 24/7 through the free-to-download MEDoctor mobile application. Then the patient would have to take a short AI interview and initiate a differential diagnosis. After that, the user can request an online consultation with the available doctor. During the interview, the doctor will have access to the unique console displaying comprehensive information about the patient’s case.   

The advantages of MEDoctor

First and foremost, MEDoctor provides its primary services on the no-fee basis, which puts it at a great advantage over such competitors as Doctor-on-Demand, MDLive, etc. 

Secondly, MEDoctor is probably the only project in this field that utilizes a fully-fledged artificial intelligence instead of the fixed question arborescence.

Thirdly, the MEDoctor platform has an integrated Pharmacy through which the patients can order the prescribed medicine immediately after the physician issued a final diagnosis and purchase it at a substantial discount.

The MTEL token and STO details

MEDoctor also introduces their own security token named MTEL, which is ERC-20 compliant and represent a share in the company. The holders of MTEL will be subject to receiving dividends and rewards calculated on the basis of obtained revenue. The price of 1 MTEL is $0.7 with the minimum investment established at only 1 token. The STO is currently underway and will end on May 31. Citizens of the United States and China are not allowed to participate in this STO.  

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StartOctober 10, 2018
EndMay 31, 2019
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