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Lydian Lion: Socialize, Travel, and Trade

Lydian Lion of a Croatian blockchain project that is developing a platform that combines cryptocurrency trading, tourism, and social interactions, known collectively as LiveLife. The solution will be powered by the utility token named LLion, which is now on sale through the ICO.

The multi-faceted platform

The concept behind Lydian Lion is quite unusual, thus interesting. Based on the Ethereum blockchain, the Lydian Lion platform will encourage people to leave the virtual reality and get engaged in real-world social activities. The social interactions with other people in public or private venues are to be rewarded with the ERC-20 tokens named LLion, which would be a universal means of payment in the corresponding ecosystem.

Through various mechanisms, the system will register and analyze the type of social activity, in which the user is currently engaged, and make a proper assessment of how many tokens should be allocated to his or her wallet after the completion of the activity.

Since modern society has become totally dependent on smartphones, for the better or for the worse, Lydian Lion will design its core product as a blockchain-based mobile application, compatible with both iOS and Android.

However, the functional capabilities of the Lydian Lion platform will not be limited to the social aspect. In addition to that, the platform will also feature a fully-fledged cryptocurrency exchange, as well as the initiative called the Just Book Worldwide, a marketplace for tourists and operators that allows finding better travel deals and purchase them, as well as a host of other related services, using the LLion token.

The Lydian Lion team

Leon Soljic. The founder and CEO. Judging from his professional profile, Soljic hasn’t had any substantial experience in the area of blockchain before. Prior to becoming the founding figure at Lydian Lion, he worked as a managing director at the Croatian company Orange and a destination manager at Glasnik.

Stevan Anojcic. The Project Manager. Anojcic is an experienced graphic designer who is combining the position at Lydian Lion with a freelancing career.  

ICO details

The token sale of LLion is now live, due to be concluded on March 1, 2020, so there is still plenty of time to think about whether Lydian Lion is worth investing in or not. The project has allocated 50% of the total supply of tokens, which amounts to 50 billion LLion, for sale through ICO.

During the established ICO timeframe, the project should put extra effort into marketing in order to be able to reach at least the softcap of $2 million, not to mention hitting the hardcap of $20 million, which could be a stretch too far for a project that doesn’t enjoy that much media coverage. In any case, Lydian Lion has already attracted 9% of the predetermined hardcap with many more months still left in the ICO. This means that the fundraising task set by the startup is more than feasible.

LLion didn’t present any minimum investment requirements, which means that devoting as little as 0.001 EUR, the ICO price of 1 LLion, should be enough to become a participant in this emerging network. Buyers should keep in mind that Lydian Lion accepts only ETH as a means for obtaining tokens. In addition, all investors must be whitelisted and complete the KYC check-up before being made eligible for buying. There are no restrictions with regards to citizenship or a place of residence of potential investors.   

Author: Alex Paulson for

  • Immutable & Scalable Stellar Blockchain
  • Tiny fees - Instant Payments
  • Anonymous peer2peer transactions, redeeming LL rewards into merchants or exchanging them for Lydian Lion
  • Leon Soljic - CEO & Founder. In-depth expertise of the traditional banking and traditional market industry. Web developer who built several pending global patents. Humanitarian, environmental activist, citizen of the world.
  • Tasos Oureilidis – COO. After a successful international career by 23 on traditional market sectors, Tasos entered the crypto ecosystem full time over the last 2 years, with more than 12 projects actively involved with , mostly on a C-level position. Crypto-advocate who specializes on OTC block trading, growth hacking and institutional partnerships.
  • Stevan Anojčić – Lydian Life Manager. Stevan has a wide digital portfolio in terms of engaging content and communication methods with his audience. His academic background ensure that he can preach and transmit the Lydian Life legacy effectively among our community members.
  • Spyros Kekos – CIO. Spyros characterized by diligence, discipline, persistence and ambition to achieve every goal that is set. He applies all his personal characteristics to create the best community engagement
  • Rommel Santos - CTO. Is an experienced Blockchain technical expert with more than 10 years of research and development practice. In addition to active advisory position at LydianLife, Sadek currently working in a project involving identity and blockchain technology
  • Pedro Ogbonna - CCO. An enthusiastic young man who is always committed and passionate about his job. Initiated market research studies and analyzed findings. Analyzed third-party data and investigated new growth opportunities. Skilled Support Specialist with a broad base of experience in technical support and operations. Excellent knowledge of Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Tech.
  • September, 2019. ICO website release Website release White Paper release Token ICO official release.
  • January, 2020. LiveLife User/Partner DB release. LiveLife system presentation. LiveLife ecosystem. LiveLife Database release.
  • March, 2020. LiveLife linked apps release. All official applications name releases. More detailed overview. LiveLife first part release.
  • May, 2020. LL Work release. LiveLife second part release. LL Work release.

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Lydian Lion
StartSeptember 1, 2019
EndJune 1, 2020
Soft cap$2 000 000
Hard cap$20 000 000
Minimum investment1 LLion
AcceptingXLM, ETH, BTC

Nowadays, people have dug themselves so deep into the virtual world that nothing would be able to drag them from there, not Lydian Lion, not whatever or whomever! This process is irreversible because that is a part of evolution, and modern technology is also very addictive. Kudos to Lydian Lion for making an effort to bring people back to reality, but it would take a global Internet shutdown to achieve this goal.

DBan   October 12, 2020  

Sounds like Lydian Lion has lost faith in humanity. Creating a gamified blockchain solution just to get people out of their smartphones and into the real world. That sounds really depressing - not the solution, but the social environment. It's great that Lydian Lion tries to make people appreciate the society they live in, which makes it more of a social/business startup. This idea is unique and it should resonate with many people around the world.

AriAdna   October 1, 2020  

It might be a fun idea to tokenize social activities through Lydian Lion, but I kinda doubt that this platform would gain a lot of traction. Modern people are wired to spend most of their time on smartphones or other gadgets - it is just one of the features of the new techno era. They don't really want to get back to the "old" lifestyle where they had face-to-face conversations.

Le Chuck23   March 2, 2020  

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