LOL (LOL) Review

LOL: Tokenizing & Putting Education on Blockchain

LOL stands for Learn OnLine Platform, and it represents an international educational project that, among other things, transfers the real-time learning experiences and classroom scenarios to the purposely designed blockchain platform.

Company information and mission statement

The startup was launched by the EverClever Education Group, a Bangkok-based conglomerate of educational institutions that is comprised of the Wells International School (Thailand), the European International School (Paris), and the School of Management (Bangkok). All these institutions are properly licensed and operate in compliance with the educational legislation of respective countries.

The main objective of LOL is to drastically improve the accessibility to quality education, establish affordable prices, introduce a more empowering, skills-based and competency-focused educational system while establishing total transparency of all processes that take place on the platform. 

The LOL features

Using the capabilities of the Ethereum blockchain, the project builds the Learn OnLine platform, where students from all over the world can get access to decentralized virtual libraries, enroll to the specialized Massive Open Online Courses (MOOC), which are taught in 5 popular languages: English, French, Myanmar, Thai, and Chinese, by the most reputable specialists in the corresponding fields, whom EverClever managed to recruit over many years of its operation. The platform also features the innovative fingerprint personality testing and interpretation algorithms supplemented with AI.

LOL has its native token of the same name, which provide access to various courses and other platform features, cover the operations and maintenance costs, salaries and rewards payments. Moreover, after the successful listing, LOL tokens will become tradable on multiple crypto exchanges. 

The team

  • Chang Yao-Lang. The founder. Chang is the chairman of the board of directors of the parent company EverClever. He devoted more than 20 years to developing a progressive educational organization. Thanks to his efforts, the Wells International School is currently ranked among the top 3 schooling establishments in Thailand.
  • Edward Roy Krishnan. The CEO. A certified psychologist who stood at the origin of the concept of LOL Token. For over 15 years, Krishnan has been applying his knowledge in the areas of industrial psychology, conflict resolution, and team building. He was also one of the founders of the European International University in Paris.

Roadmap implementation

Since the parent company was founded in 1998, the project has approached the “blockchain stage” of its development with a fully-fledged organizational structure. The understanding of the benefits of using blockchain came in 2018 - the team members began to elaborate the ecosystem in the fourth quarter of that year. By the first quarter of 2019, the project attracted $1 million through private funding. Over the course of the current year, LOL plans to successfully conclude the ICO, list the LOL token on several crypto exchanges, and launch the alpha-version of the platform. The year 2020 will mark the introduction of the beta-version with fingerprint scanning, as well as the full-scale launch of online courses in Paris. 

Social media presence

The LOL project is present on all important social media platform, with various levels of audience involvement on each of them. It is best represented on Telegram - 3,670 members in their group; 1,237 people are following LOL on Facebook and 509 on Twitter. The YouTube channel has 430 subscribers, while the smallest audience is on Instagram - 69 followers. Nevertheless, the project is very active on all platforms, producing relevant content almost every day.

The IEO details

The sale of LOL tokens in now live on the Latoken Launchpad, along with pre-ICO that will end on September 15, followed by the ICO which is due to last until December 15. At this stage, the price of 1 LOL is $0.07. The hardcap was established at $42 million. LOL accepts only Ethereum. Passing KYC is mandatory. Investors from the U.S. and China will not be allowed to participate in the token sale.

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StartSeptember 16, 2019
EndDecember 15, 2019
62 days left

No one would argue that the contemporary educational system has run its course and needs to be reformed. Those who haven't drowned themselves in the blind conservatism, understand the inevitability of massive online courses superseding the traditional educational establishments and their old ways for "enlightening" students. LOLTOKEN is at the forefront of these changes, so they will have to overcome many hurdles along the way to recognition, but this startup serves as an example of how the implementation of blockchain in education should be done.

uglyElsa   August 25, 2019  

The world needs to understand that the time has come to reconsider its stance on education since the traditional one has proven to be ineffective, costly, and very time consuming. I know that many people are skeptical about online courses, but they are utterly wrong. Projects like LOL, which is, in my opinion, a successful combination of MOOC and blockchain, will reshape the global educational system.

Serge   July 30, 2019  

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