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The development of blockchain technology still continues to bring new use cases, all of which have a goal of bettering the world, various industries, and more. Since the attention shifted from the crypto trend itself towards the blockchain, the new technology's potential began to unravel, and new ways in which it could improve the modern world kept emerging ever since.

While its biggest use case is still within the financial industry — the blockchain has already started to spread to numerous others. It is already significantly improving the supply chains, and there are many projects out there that are trying to implement it in medicine and healthcare, voting systems, the tech industry, and many others.

However, this is not the end, and blockchain can also be used for charitable purposes, which is what a project called Little Phil is trying to achieve.

About Little Phil

Little Phil is a platform powered by blockchain technology, and it brings a completely new way of dealing with trust issues when it comes to charities. Charities are all about collecting funds from charitable individuals and entities and using them to help those in need. However, whenever there are large amounts of money involved, there are trust issues, as you can never be 100% certain regarding what the money you are giving will be used for.

Scams and scammers are everywhere, and so are thieves and others who might misuse the trust in order to get the money for themselves. By using a public ledger, smart contracts, and unique digital identities — Little Phil will provide givers with the Proof of Need, as well as Proof of Impact. It will show people that those in need are out there, but also how the donations are helping them.

People will be able to give on their terms, and they would need nothing more than a smartphone to impact someone else's life in a positive way. This is expected to create a highly-engaging experience that will allow the givers to immediately feel the impact of their generosity. As a result, they might be more open to giving away as much as they can afford to donate.

Of course, the platform will be using its own native token, which is expected to hold its sale at some point in the future.

Little Phil ICO details

As mentioned, the Little Phil ICO is coming, although it was not yet announced when exactly it would be held. There are other details that are already known, however, such as the token's ticker — LPC. This will be a utility, and it is being developed on Ethereum's network. As an ERC-20 token, it will be obtainable in exchange for ETH, with its price being $0.1 per 1 LPC.

The project already has an MVP, and the token sale will also feature a bonus. The token sale's soft cap will be at $21.5 million, and its hard cap is at $400 million. The project is registered in Australia, and the only area restricted from participating is China.

Everyone else is welcome to join, although KYC and Whitelist procedures are required in order to participate.

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Little Phil
StartJune 1, 2019
EndAugust 31, 2019

My first impression when I opened the Little Phil website was generally positive. I liked the design, the general message, and the way this charity works. That was before I opened their video presentation, which really bummed me out. Please understand that I hate when startups design their business pitches as if they are meant for the little school children. With cartoons and that condescending narrative voice - gosh, I hate it! They really need to stop doing that for good. It's the grownups who give money for charity, so please address us as such. Apart from that, Little Phil is a good project, and I recommend using it for some good deeds.

Denise   August 6, 2019  

Please forgive me for being slightly insensitive, but I have seen my share of scams that use the images of cute children to lure money from people. I am not implying that Little Phil carries out any fraudulent activities, it is just I am yet to find some documentary evidence of how the project allocates the raised funds, or at least how they control the flow of money and counteract possible fraudulent activities. I know that this is perhaps too much to ask from a fledgling project, but there is no denying the fact that charity presents a very broad field for speculation. Should I discover this information, I will definitely consider using Little Phil for charitable purposes.

Margaret   July 18, 2019  

I see people accusing Little Phil of not being unique or groundbreaking. That’s true, there is nothing unique about charity, because it has nothing to do with innovation but rather with the state of your heart and soul. This project has a very good social media presence and engagement: almost 10 thousand followers on Twitter, and even more on Facebook. That is more than some blockchain projects that promise to “disrupt the industry”. There are a lot of people who believe in Little Phil, including me.

Martin   July 1, 2019  

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