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Limitless Capital Funds: Four Pegged Tokens

Limitless (LFC) is the name of the ERC-20 utility token introduced by Limitless Capital Partners, an exempted investment and real estate management company operating in the United Kingdom. The project’s core product is the digital wallet which provides means for seamless and cost-efficient exchange and trading between the Limitless token and four other tokens, each pegged to one of the four stable currencies: US Dollar, Euro, British Pound, and Japanese Yen. The Limitless digital wallet is accompanied by a prepaid card developed for easier access to the cryptocurrency savings portfolio.  

The team members

Richard McDonald is a founder and a chairman at Limitless Capital Partners, who has been working in the area of property trading and management for over 20 years. Having done business in numerous jurisdictions around the world, he came to realize the importance of possessing the means for prompt digital payments, as well as the benefits that could be reaped from the use of blockchain and utility tokens.

Chris Fernard is the project’s CEO whose strongest suit is the capability of finding the most competent and dedicated professionals and putting together a team that vehemently pursues the set objectives, which, in this case, is the popularization of cryptocurrencies through the widespread use of the Limitless digital wallet and the LFC tokens.

Robert Masih, a CTO and a guru in the fields of informational technologies and telecommunication, who was the mastermind behind the creation of the Limitless Capital Funds digital network. Mr. Masih had also successfully cooperated with Telefonica and Tesco.

The product stack of the Limitless network

The project declares an ambitious goal of making Limitless one of the most commonly used mode of payment in the retail and real estate sectors. They also place a special emphasis on the compliance of their business operations within the framework of the Limitless platform with crypto-related laws and regulation in different countries. Limitless Capital Funds claim that they have even established an in-house legal department that must oversee all financial operations to ensure their conformity with any given crypto regulation.

The Limitless Wallet features a user-friendly crypto exchange with a simplified interface to make it understandable even for the novice user. The Wallet also has the Flex accounts, the users of which can enjoy instant conversion of any of the LFC tokens to fiat currencies without the need to carry out manual operations.

The Limitless token is the linchpin of the entire system, accompanied by four other tokens pegged to the mentioned currencies. Any of these tokens can be used to pay for goods and services via Limitless digital wallets, prepaid cards or designated POS terminals, which will become an integral part of the Limitless network in the near future. The peg to the stable currencies will allow to solve the volatility problem and ensure the extensive use of all tokens issued by Limitless Capital Funds.

The project also introduces five types of prepaid debit cards: three solid gold cards, 3 elite cards, and one standard card. Each card provides for a unique line of services, design options,  and security features.

ICO details

Right now, Limitless Capital Funds realizes the first stage of pre-ICO with 1.25 million tokens being put up for sale. The second stage is due to begin in September. The softcap is established at $5 million. The price of 1 LCF is 0.049 ETH. Limitless Capital Funds doesn’t have an airdrop or a bounty program.  

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