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In the last few decades, and especially in the last one - the internet has had a lot of problems with online privacy and data security. The proof of this can be seen in today's popular technologies. Those include VPNs — online privacy and anonymity tools; cryptocurrencies — privacy and pseudonymity-oriented money; blockchain technology, which guarantees immutability, and more.

It is clear that we are concerned about. People from all over the world started realizing the extent of online threats, and the possibility of losing data to them. The fact that these threats became stronger and greater in number and severity helped, too. As a result, many have been seeking out ways to protect themselves and their data, not wanting to share it with companies, third-party app developers, or even their own ISPs (Internet Service Providers).

Still, with older technologies, something like that was difficult to achieve, and VPNs were pretty much the best solution we could have invented. That all changes with the emerging crypto and blockchain industries, which hold the potential to impact and change this area as well, and solve its problems. This is exactly what the project called Lightstreams aims to do.

About Lightstreams

Lightstreams is a decentralized network, created to allow building the next generation of applications. It aims to transform the way people collaborate with technology and allow users to have a greater level of control over their own data, assets, and money.

Lightstreams' focus is primarily on two aspects: privacy and speed. It is an Ethereum-based blockchain that offers instant settlements, as well as private distributed content sharing. Further, Lightstreams also allows developers to easily create new apps, with emphasis on individual data ownership.

In other words, individuals would become masters of their own data, and they would be the ones responsible for distributing it and keeping it safe. Another great thing about Lightstreams is that its apps are cross-compatible with Ethereum. That should make it much easier for developers to migrate, and even upgrade their dApps, thus making them faster, more private, and more scalable.

Of course, to achieve all of this, Lightstreams had to create its own coin — one that is holding its ICO right now.

Lightstreams ICO details

As mentioned, Lightstreams is in the middle of its ICO right now. The token sale started on July 25th, and it will end in around five hours. The project's token is called PHT, and it is a utility token developed on Ethereum's network. The entire project is quite closely relying on Ethereum, so it is hardly surprising that they are only accepting ETH coins in exchange for PHT.

Further, each PHT will have a price of $0.15. The project has set up a soft cap of $2 million, and a hard cap of $20 million. It has a working MVP, and it is registered in Estonia. It has two restricted areas — the United States and China. Apart from these two countries, everyone else is welcome to join the token sale. Of course, KYC and Whitelist procedures are necessary before the investors could participate.

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StartJuly 25, 2019
EndJuly 30, 2019

It is an interesting project to keep an eye on, as it could significantly change the future of data storing and managing.

Pekko   August 1, 2019  

The project aims to solve the issues of data storage and data management via the decentralized storage system, which is quite a good purpose for a project. The team is strong and has an excellent background for this type of project, too. The same can be said for its advisors. Further, the ICO is nearing its end, meaning that the project is advancing to the next stage.

Olle   July 31, 2019  

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