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The technology has seen more advancement in the last few decades than in entire centuries that had preceded them. What's more, it seems to be getting faster and faster. Developers are currently obsessed with blockchain technology, trying to find new use cases, and make the potential ones a reality.

Even the money is getting its digital version in the form of cryptocurrencies, which represents a huge change — one that the majority of the world is still fighting against. On the other hand, there are various gadgets and devices coming from the Internet of Things sector, which are expected to make our lives simpler, more efficient, and more interesting.

Combining these three forms of technology is one of the biggest goals of tech researchers, with numerous possibilities believed to be waiting in the future. And, even with all of that in mind, this is still only the beginning, Both, blockchain, cryptocurrencies, and IoT sector are believed to still be in the period of their infancy. As such, they are likely to grow and keep growing and evolving for years, maybe even decades to come.

Of course, there are always those wishing that the technology's rapid progress gets even more speed, and Kings Distributed Systems is one of them.

About Kings Distributed Systems

Kings Distributed Systems is a relatively older project that aims to bring forth a distributed supercomputer. Their application wishes to push technology forward, where most other projects simply focus on wrapping older technology. Kings Distributed Systems does not want that. Instead, the project wants to help these and other institutions graduate into the future.

The project's plan is to find and pick up early adopters and bring forth the new form of the modern web. Their WebGL 2.0 was already released back in January 2017, and it brought significant speed to their web-rendering tech. It also extended access to GPUs for web applications. With the new specification, the team is creating a supercomputer that would easily connect all devices, from desktop to mobile, smart devices, like cars, fridges, and more, anything that has even a remote potential to have browser support in the future.

Of course, to make this all possible, the project first had to launch its own cryptocurrency which would help its' product run.

Kings Distributed Systems ICO details

As mentioned, Kings Distributed Systems is not exactly a new project. It was launched a few years ago, and it already held its ICO all the way back in 2017, before the bear market and crypto winter, before even Bitcoin reached its all-time high.

The project held its token sale from October 1st, 2017, until October 31st. Its token's ticker was SPARC, and it was a utility token. It was created on Ethereum's network as an ERC-20 model, and it had a price of $0.0304 during the token sale.

Interestingly enough, it remains unknown as to how much the project managed to raise during the token sale. It is known that its soft cap was at $5 million, and the hard cap at $50 million, but pretty much nothing other than that.

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Kings Distributed Systems
StartApril 1, 2019
EndMay 31, 2019

While it presents an interesting idea, it is entirely possible that this project was not a safe investment, and the lack of any new information seems to confirm it.

John   May 8, 2019  

The project is definitely an ambitious one, aiming to transform the internet and force modern technology into a new era. However, while it was held during the most ICO-friendly period in crypto history, it did not really attract that much attention. In fact, there are quite a few red flags in regards to this project, such as the lack of information, a small, entirely unverified team, and a missing white paper.

Ann   April 11, 2019  

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