K-Tune - ICO Review

K-Tune is a Switzerland-based blockchain project that is comprised of the Korean lovers of K-Pop. Their Ethereum-based platform is set to bring together the aspiring musicians with real professionals of this industry in order to develop and expand the K-Pop scene.

K-Tune: A Blockchain Gateway for Musicians

There are three main participants in K-Tune’s ecosystem namely, music-makers, masters, and music fans.

  • Music-makers, or artists, can obtain access to a set of K-Tune’s proprietary software for an established monthly subscription, which they can pay in KTT tokens. By using this software, artists can create high-quality music content, which then can be cataloged and put up for sale. Other musicians can browse the K-Tune extensive database, fish out instrumental tracks that suit their current creative needs, and purchase them with KTT or other means of payment. The musicians can also receive royalties in KTT, with all transactions being embedded in the Ethereum smart contracts. 
  • Masters is the category that includes professional musicians, such as beatmakers, lyrics writers, singing specialists, and topliners, who are affiliated with K-Tune in one way or another. Their task is to help fledgling artists to make steps in the right direction through advice, track engineering, and practical training. Masters get compensated for their consultations in the native cryptocurrency. Moreover, in case a master recognizes a real potential in an artist throughout their cooperation, he would be free to offer the young talent a spot in other high-profile projects.
  • Music fans are afforded an opportunity to not only listen to all tracks available in the K-Tune network but also earn moderate amounts of KTT by merely streaming music on different social media outlets. The tokens can also be obtained through the airdrop program. In addition, listeners can use an upvote option, thanks to which they may also earn small sums of KTT. Finally, fans can donate a desired amount of tokens to their favorite artists. 

Arena and Camp

The ecosystem itself is divided into two major functional parts: the so-called K-Arena and K-Camp., both of which are tailored to suit the needs of all network members.

  • The first is the music marketplace, where all participants are given a chance to put up different types of content (tracks, lyrics, video tutorials, etc.) for sale, while others can freely buy it at a suitable price at an appropriate price in KTT.
  • The second is a virtual collaboration space where semi-amateur musicians can work together on intellectual products with intent to sell them to the professional artists.

The K-Tune team

  • Jun Kim. The founder and CEO. Kim is an experienced financial manager who had worked for eight years at Seoul Guarantee Insurance Company before founding K-Tune, which, by the way, happened this March. 
  • Sean Jong. The co-founder and COO. Being a digital entrepreneur and blockchain advisor, Jong had also had a brief experience as the CEO at Wonderlust, Inc. 
  • Eli Lee. CTO. A certified computer software engineer, Lee worked for ten years as a Head of Development at Kiwoom Securities.

ICO details

K-Tunerief now has the ICO that will run its course on November 30. The tokens can be purchased at a price of 0.004 ETH per 1 KTT. The project accepts investments made only in Ethereum. The minimum investment threshold is 1 ETH. K-Tune needs at least $2 million to continue the development of the ecosystem, while $8 million is the highest funding goal. KYC is mandatory - the US citizens won’t be admitted to the token sale.

Author: Alex Paulson for Crypto-Rating.com

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StartOctober 30, 2019
EndNovember 30, 2019

K-Tune is a very niche-specific startup that, nevertheless, presents an interesting solution that could be adopted and extended by other music/blockchain projects. The three-tiered structure of the K-Tune ecosystem should be able to meet the needs of all participants. Also, the idea that the seasoned musicians will be able to help the fledgling ones in the creation of should bring a sense of unity to this industry.

Icy Sun   November 13, 2019  

Despite being a European white male, I have been into K-Pop for more than a decade now. This music is so progressive and fresh, nothing like we have here. Anyway, I am glad that platforms like K-Tune begin to emerge in the blockchain space. Although I am not a musician by any means, I plan on making a fair contribution to this project and seeing how it will develop in the near future.

Ju$tinnn   November 12, 2019  

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