Jullar (Jullar) Review

Crypto prices are on the rise once more, and investors are once again seeking out new coins to invest in. There are many excellent projects that hold great potential, and will possibly rise to the top in the future. Investing in such coins early can lead to great profits.

Of course, this optimism regarding token sales is not constant, and the crypto winter that struck the market in 2018 severely damaged the industry. The most popular token sale model, Initial Coin Offering (ICO) was nearly extinct, due to skepticism and lack of trust in new coins.

With the number of scams and weak projects that had cost investors a lot of money, this is not very surprising. However, the times are changing once more, and this time — it appears that the change is for the better. New ICOs are emerging, and new projects are capturing the investors' interest. One such project is Jullar, which is holding its extremely long ICO right now.

About Jullar

Jullar is a new platform for liquidation of coins introduced by scam ICOs, popularly called 'Shitcoins.' It is also a platform that plans to hold tournaments for coin holders, as well as for blockchain technologies of open ICO project checks, and for interaction with the massive blockchain community.

The basic idea behind Jullar is the creation of a massive community, a collective unification that will be able to solve various problems which are becoming more and more often. Crypto and blockchain investments are still in their basic, raw form. As such, losses are far from rare, and experiencing them can discourage a lot of people from further participation.

Jullar aims to change that, by allowing the liquidation of Shitcoins and compensating investors in small amounts of Ethereum. It is an ecosystem that wishes to bring relations and motivation to a new level, by rewarding investors, developers, and all other participants in the crypto space.

Jullar ICO details

As mentioned, Jullar's ICO is currently on-going. The project had its pre-sale back in 2018, which was not exactly the best time to hold anything ICO-related. The pre-sale took place from August 20th to September 8th, and it had a token supply of 100 million units.

The token, known as JUL, entered its ICO immediately after the pre-ICO period was over, on September 20th. However, the ICO will be a long-lasting one, with its official end scheduled for January 13th, 2020. The token supply for the ICO itself is much larger, sitting at 850 million JUL.

JUL is designed to be a utility token — one which can be obtained in exchange for Ether (ETH). Its current price is $2.7399464 per token, and anyone can purchase it, with no restrictions.

The project is based in Belarus, and it is developed on Ethereum's platform, which makes it another ERC-20 token. It has set up a soft cap of 65,000 ETH, and a hard cap of 2,553,700 ETH. Meanwhile, the total supply of the coin is 1 billion units.

As always, investors looking to buy this, or any other coin, should first make sure to go through its white paper, and thoroughly examine every detail of the project. While the ICO appears to be completely legitimate, it is always better to be sure and to know what you are investing in.

Author: Ali Raza for: Crypto-Rating.com

StartSeptember 20, 2018
EndJanuary 13, 2020
111 days left

Frankly speaking, I don't think that the "small amount of Ethereum" would be able to console people, the holders of shitcoins, who got burned during the 2018 crypto winter. There is nothing that can patch up that wound, except for the next altseason. Besides, Jullar's idea of paying compensation for worthless shitcoins is suspiciously altruistic. I'm trying to figure out where's the catch in all that. It's like rewarding losers just because they took part in the game - it just doesn't fit my logic.

1m$0rry   September 6, 2019  

Does it mean that I can buy tons of shitcoins and not worry about them burning a hole in my crypto portfolio? What a relief, no I can go all-in on some Noname project without any concerns! FYI, that was a sarcasm on my part, because it is obvious to anyone who has eyes that Jullar is one funny-smelling startup. It's like a bunch of guys was so bored out of their minds that they decided to come up with the silliest idea in hopes that someone would buy into that. And then they just abandoned it cause they got a job at McDonald's. That's really a story of Jullar.

Ellen   August 6, 2019  

Judging from the fact that the enormous number of people, who held altcoins and the infamous shitcoins, got ‘burned’ during the last crypto crash, it wouldn’t surprise me if Jullar will get decent traction. Those who are tired of waiting for the next alt season would be willing to get rid of them by any means possible. Too bad that Jullar’s website is currently inaccessible because I would like to get to know how they plan to relieve people of such coins. I am not the shitcoin holder myself, I place my trust only in top 10 crypto, but I am just amused by the idea offered by Jullar.

Ronald   July 18, 2019  

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