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International Sky Group: Superfast Internet Everywhere

Despite the significant technological progress, especially in the field of telecommunication, the range of the global Internet and mobile coverage leave much to be desired. The official statistics say that less than half of the world’s population has constant access to the Internet. The vast majority of ‘non-connected’ people live in developed countries or in the isolated rural areas of developed ones.

However, the problem lies not only in the sphere of communication but also in the economic field since these people are cut out from the financial opportunities provided by modern online technologies. Should the existing broadband coverage expand by as little as 10%, the world GDP will increase by an average of 1.5% throughout the world, says the official research organized by the World Bank. It is evident that this step can’t be realized by contemporary technological means, but the solution may come in the form of the Sattelite Communication System (SCS), which has been developed by the International Sky Group (ISG), the Dutch company founded by a team of Russian experts in the fields of engineering and radio technologies.

The core concept and technology behind the International Sky Group

SCS is the innovative telecommunication system that is based on the network of small low-orbit satellites which are characterized by enhanced mobility. ISG claim that they have developed a totally unique system that can revolutionize the industry of broadband Internet provision.

From a technical standpoint, each satellite, or space vehicle (SV), will consist of two solar panels, a state-of-the-art optical system, a propulsion system, and an active phased array antenna. The throughput capacity of each SV is estimated at around 12 Gbps which is incomparably more than that offered by the ISG’s closest rivals, such as Inmarsat, which provides for the data transfer rate of 700 Kbps. Each SV will be an integral part of a network of 98 low-orbit satellites that will ensure absolute coverage and access to the Internet at unprecedented speed. International Sky Group claim that they have already built all prototypes and had even carried out the necessary ground tests, the results of which were duly verified and documented by the corresponding authorities.

The device of each user will establish a direct connection with the SV void of any switches of ground repeaters. An innovative protocol will ensure the seamless and highly stable flow of data from the SV to the recipient and back. The Communication System can be reconfigured in real time to withstand the possible overloads.

The scope of application of ISG

Apart from the provision of hyper-fast broadband, each SV will carry the function of a navigation system compatible with GPS/GLONASS, a meteorological station, an emergency tracking unit, a gateway for instant online payments as well as the telephony system and the transmitter of digital TV.

ISG tokens and ICO details

The International Sky Group plans to issue two types of ERC-20 tokens: ISGVALIDATOR (ISGV) and ISGSERVICE (ISGS). The Validator tokens will be the means for rewarding validators of ISG blockchain whilst the users will pay for the broadband in Service tokens.

ISG is now in the pre-ICO stage which will end on May 15. A little over 267 million ISG tokens have been allocated for sale with the price of 1 ISG established at $1. Citizens of the United States, China, and Canada are not allowed to participate in the ISG token sale.

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International Sky Group
StartFebruary 15, 2019
EndMay 15, 2019
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