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iOWN: Blockchain Platform for Better Investments

Despite the fact that blockchain and its derived product, cryptocurrencies, is finding application in many spheres of our social and economic life, investment and finance still remain its main playing field that is being continuously supplemented with a plethora of emerging fintech startups. One of such projects is iOWN, a developer of a decentralized investment platform of the same name. It has the goal of clearing the discrepancies that are present in the modern-day investment environment by utilizing the benefits of the Ethereum blockchain, its multi-signature smart contracts, and the ERC-20 utility token that is also named iOWN.

Company information

iOWN is an exempted company that is registered in George Town on the Cayman Islands, obviously, for the purposes of tax optimization and better legal compliance with regard to the provision of financial services and issuance of digital cryptographic tokens. The project chose not to disclose its registration or license numbers on the official website. Apart from that, iOWN has an office in Dubai, UAE, which is responsible for IT development.

The main concept of iOWN

The iOWN platform provides means for all participants to conduct fundraising, crowdfunding and other types of business campaigns through the use of two types of tokens: iOWN, the transferable and tradable token, and uOWN, a passive token, the sole purpose of which is grant its holders the right to receive revenue from the campaigns.

Other features of the platform include peer-to-peer lending, provision of trust, risk, and ROI indication scores, as well as opportunities for franchising and obtainment of shares in personal and commercial assets.

The team

  • Ashraf Alqudah. The founder. A professional project manager who is also associated with such companies as TjDeed Technology and AdsLoom.
  • Zina Ashour. The Co-founder and Marketing Director. An experienced marketing strategist who is also a founder of Dhad World, a provider of digital content.   

Roadmap implementation

The inception of iOWN began in 2018. It took the project almost an entire year to put together a team, elaborate the concept, carry out the technology and feasibility research, and begin the platform development. Since the beginning of 2019 and until the present date, iOWN acquired a license for token issuance and launched a mobile app and digital wallet. After the token sale, they will roll out the beta version of the platform, obtain the STO-holding license, and begin the expansion to global markets.   

Social media presence

iOWN has a fairly decent presence in social media, with its largest audience residing on Telegram - 6,783 group members. 835 followers on Twitter and 757 on Facebook provide a decent response rate to each of the project's publications, which are posted quite frequently. It can be concluded that the social media presence of iOWN is solid but not significant.  

ICO details

The token of sale of iOWN token will run until September 30, with the price of 1 iOWN set at $0.01. The project is currently halfway to meeting the softcap of $1.2 million. Whilst the established hardcap of $3 million is unlikely to be met, judging from the fact that there is not much time left till the end of the ICO. $100 is the minimum investment threshold - all payments must be made in Ethereum. KYC is mandatory. Investors from the United States, China, and the Cayman Island are barred from participating in the token sale.

Author: Alex Paulson for

  • Accessibility. It is difficult to find profitable trusted business around the globe
  • Risk. High Risk of investing without reliable source for investment details
  • Time & Cost. Lack of time and knowledge to have new income opportunities along with unforeseen high fees
Pre-Ico Start dateApril 1, 2019
Pre-Ico End dateJune 6, 2019
CountriesCayman Islands
  • Haneen Al Akhras. Sales analyst and strategic thinker
  • Lara Tlass. Marketing Executive
  • Sulaiman Dawod. Operations Director
  • Ahmad Ali. Sales & Marketing Assistant
  • Alexander Sayegh. Technical Director
  • Ashraf Alqudah. Co-Founder
  • Zina Ashour. Marketing Co-Founder
  • Emad Murrar. Financial Director
  • Mohammad Sraidy. Business Development Director
  • Hasan Hamad. Social Media Specialist
  • Jay P. Galgo. Creative Director
  • Paula Inna D. Rafa. Admin Executive
  • q1 2018. project research and validation
  • q2 2018. concept and team development
  • q3 2018. iown foundation
  • q4 2018. iown setup
  • q1 2019. Iown pRIVATE sALES 
  • q2 2019. iown platform
  • q3 2019. iown business acceleration
  • q4 2019. iown expansion

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StartJune 27, 2019
EndSeptember 24, 2019
Soft cap$1 200 000
Hard cap$3 000 000
Minimum investment100 USD
Tokens for sale300000000

I find it suspicious that the roadmap of iOWN covers only the current year. It ends with the planned launch of the platform and promises of future expansion. Although it was left unclear how exactly iOWN plans to expand and further develop their crypto investment solution. Evidently, I am not the only one that has concerns about iOWN as the project has barely reached 50% of softcap with only 26 days of token sale left.

thegreatgiginthesky   September 5, 2019  

First of all, I think that iOWN should fire their entire marketing department. This startup offers a decent product, yet almost no one seems to have heard of it. Their overall presentation deserves a compliment: the idea was explained in a clear and understandable manner, the whitepaper discloses all technical specifications of their platform. However, iOWN has a relatively small audience, meaning that the project wasn’t promoted very well, which hampered its capabilities for attracting serious investors.

Tyrese   August 7, 2019  

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