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INDX Capital - ICO Review

INDX Capital: Masternodes for Passive Income

INDX Capital is a fintech project that developed a portfolio of masternoders that grants the opportunity to the holders of ERC-20 security tokens named INDX to acquire a passive income on a regular basis, thanks to the innovative algorithm that studies and analyzes the crypto market in real-time to ensure the efficiency and profitability of a given masternode.

This startup comes as a subsidiary of INDX Group Limited, a private limited company based in London that carries out the information technology consultancy activities. The company also has offices in the Cayman Islands, where it operated a closed-end fund, the State of Delaware, and Malta.

As of now, INDX Capital is conducting the STO for qualified investors, with the purpose of raising a substantial amount of funds for further expansion of the masternode portfolio.

The operational scheme of INDX Capital

The main objective of INDX Capital is to establish a sustainable crypto management system that provides investors with regular passive income in INDX through the use of a unique algorithm that administers a broad portfolio of masternodes.

As some of you probably know, versatility is what differentiates the common crypto-nodes, the ones that utilize the PoW algorithm, from masternodes. In other words, masternodes are capable of performing a much broader set of functions than just confirming transactions and preserving a copy of the blockchain.

The operators of such masternodes get rewarded with cryptocurrency, in the instance of INDX Capital, this is their proprietary security tokens INDX. In many cases, running masternodes is much more profitable than operating a mining rig or an ASIC farm, though the entry barrier for this type of mining is significantly higher. At least it has been this way until the emergence of INDX Capital, which became the gateway for traditional investors.

The algorithm analyzes such aspects as fundamentals, historical performance, and price action of various underlying assets, using data from numerous crypto exchanges and block explorers. The system also uses special filters to mitigate the risks and counteract the volatility. INDX Capital plans to generate around 44% of annual return on investment, allocating the funds in the INDX tokens directly to the digital wallets.

The INDX team

Jonathan DeCarteret. The founder and CEO. Before acquiring a leading role in INDX Capital, DeCarteret founded a number of tech startups, among which are Switch Media and PLC Launchpad. He also served as an advisor to Artful Consulting.

Gareth Ward. The co-founder and COO. Ward is one of the earlier blockchain adopters and tech masterminds, who created an Enterprise Asset Management System for the Cutting Edge Group. After spending many years in the corporate sector, he made a full switch to the field of crypto asset management.

STO details

The security token offering organized by INDX Capital is currently live and will run until July 30. The project expects to raise at least $1.25 million, with the hardcap being set at $15 million which seems to be feasible, given that the project has already presented the prototype of its platform. The price of 1 INDX is $0.3, though the minimum investment limit is quite high and stands at $2500. INDX Capital accepts Bitcoin, Ethereum and fiat.

Author: Alex Paulson for Crypto-Rating.com

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INDX Capital
StartJuly 1, 2019
EndJuly 31, 2019

I must say that I really like the vision presented by INDX Capital. It is concise, comprehensible, and convincing. The business model has been elaborated very well. The team is also great: really experienced and competent, though I would like to see more marketers to give the project a better social media presence because, frankly speaking, it leaves much to be desired. To summarize, INDX is one of those projects with a sound business plan and a thoroughly developed concept, which makes it a good investment option.

Clement   July 21, 2019  

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